Magic Bullet Looks for FCPX Now Available and 50% Off!

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Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
Hey folks – We are totally stoked to announce that after working with Apple these last few months, the bug in FCPX has finally been resolved, and, as of today, Magic Bullet Looks is now available for FCPX. Here’s a video with some more info: As I said in the video, Magic Bullet Looks is available for the next 7 days at 50% off (just $199 – usually $399) , using the coupon code: LOOKSFCPX50 This offer is good for ALL HOSTS supported by Looks, not just FCPX (in fact, buy it for one host, get it for all). The offer expires on 2/6/12 at 11:59PM PST… so get Magic Bullet Looks now! Also, as mentioned in the video, if you already own MB Looks or the MB Suite, the update to FCPX is FREE. Download the latest version of Magic Bullet Looks with #FCPX support, HERE.

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  1. HI, I just updated my FCP X to 10.0.3, and I redownloaded and re-installed the latest of Magic bullet suite 11, but I cannot see magic bullet look anywhere in the video effects category. Just wondering if I am doing anything wrong?

    1. Make sure you got the latest version. There was a slight lag there.


    Any word on if you’re planning a Colorista update anytime soon?

  3. Does the sale apply only to a version that runs on FCPX?

    1. Kerry – it’s all one download. Buy it for one host, get it for all. That’s part of our Red Pledge. So in short, the sale is for Magic Bullet Looks 2 – all of it.

  4. Hi and thanks for this great update! Makes FCPX much more valuable 🙂

    Have you noticed basicly almost all plugins soften picture little bit in FCPX? Just added Looks to SD anamorphic material without any effect and noticed this softening. Also FxFactory plugins does it. It’s very obvious with SD material (and with SD anamorphic is even worse). I guess there’s some strange scaling going back and forth how these plugins work through Motion templates. I know it’s not your fault but maybe you can push Apple developers to fix this thing.

    1. Tapio,

      Thanks so much for the information! We will have someone look into this issue. Please contact support if you notice anything else.

  5. You made the update FREE?!? You guys seriously rock, hands down. Rock, rock, rock!

  6. Does the sale apply to the Academic version as well?

    1. Dan – yes. it does apply to Academic prices as well. Have fun!

  7. Kaylinn, okay I tested little bit more and it seem to be related to non-square material and that’s why SD anamorhphic is worst but even in HDV 1440×1080 you notice softening. I guess FCPX feeds everything to plugins as square pixel and that’s why there’s all kind of scaling involved. Nex if I found more I’ll open support case 🙂

  8. Just wondering if this new version for FCX supports keyframing of Looks filters elements eg. vignettes, blurs etc. as was planned for the FCP but never eventuated?
    Or is AE the only choice if you want to keyframe Looks?

    1. Cam,

      Unfortunately FCPX does not support keyframing of Looks. This appears to be a limitation within the host application that we are currently looking into.
      As of right now, After Effects may be your best choice to keyframe Looks.
      Thank you,

  9. Does the discount apply to upgrades?

    1. Patrick,

      The discount applies to the full version of the product, not the upgrade.
      I’m sorry about that! Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

      Thank you,

  10. Just want to say BIG THANKS for supporting Motion 5… thought it might get forgotten. Keeps me buying 🙂

  11. I cannot see magic bullet look anywhere in the video effects category. Just wondering if I am doing anything wrong?

    1. Tony,

      This is something that out support team will need to take a look into. Please contact our team here so we can further look into this:
      Thank you,

  12. I also downloaded the new final cut, and the top version of MBL (2.0.6) and installed a trial version of Magic Bullet Looks (into a folder named MB Suite Mac Full 11.2.1). Restarted the computer and when I pull up FCP X I get no Magic Bullet Looks section like you show in the video, only the default “looks” section that came with final cut at the the beginning. Does it not work with the trial? or did I go wrong somewhere else?

    1. Mike,
      This is something that out support team will need to take a look into. Please contact our team here so we can further look into this:
      Thank you,

  13. From now on, will any FCPX correspondence of Effects Suite be in such a form?

    1. ITO,

      There is no ETA on the release date for the Effects Suite and FCPX as of yet.
      We will let everyone know once we release further compatibility.
      Thank you,

  14. Has anyone had this problem: The look you create looks different in the looks builder than when it applies to the clip in the timeline. My looks appear much darker on the clips in the timeline than they do when I am tweaking them in the builder. Any one else noticed this?

    1. Matt,
      This is something that out support team will need to take a look into. Please contact our team here so we can further investigate this issue:
      Thank you,

  15. Update link just show text, no graphic and nothing happens when clicking the download botton?

    1. John,

      Email our support team of a screen shot so we can take a look into this:
      Thank you,

  16. I figured it out! Dunno if you can delete my comment 🙂

  17. On your video above, after clicking “Edit”, we can see photo of “the Man” in Magic Bullet Looks.
    When I click on “Edit”, I do not see the image appear in the video FCPX selected. But a gray rectangle with an arrow inside this rectangle.
    How to bring up the image of the video in Magic Bullet Looks instead of the Gray rectangle ?
    Thank you

    1. Thomas,

      Please make sure that your FCPX is updated to 10.0.3. This issue happens with the older version of FCPX.
      If you have already updated your host, please contact our support team so we can look further into this:

      Thank you,

  18. I use Windows 7. If I will buy Looks 2 using code cupon will I obtain both versiond ( W7/64 and Mac OS X ) or only MAC ? Thank you

    1. Jiri,

      Yes you can purchase Looks 2.0 for your Windows 7 with the coupon code. Our serial numbers do not differ between Mac or PC’s. All you need to do is download the correct installer and you will be set!
      Contact us if you have any more questions:

      Thank you,

  19. Will the sale price Looks 2.0 work on FCP7 running on Snow Leopard? 10.6.8?
    that price is flipping awesome.

    1. Ross,

      Yes you can get Looks 2.0 for your OS with the coupon code. Contact our sales team if you have any other questions:

      Thank you,

  20. You wrote: “As of right now, After Effects may be your best choice to keyframe Looks”.
    Is it the BEST choice or my ONLY choice? In other words: Can Motion 5 keyframe Looks too or not?

    1. macuser96 – You can only Keyframe the Look in After Effects and Premiere Pro on Windows. That’s it. We’ve heard that it can be done in Sony Vegas (, but we have yet to be able to re-create that ourselves.

  21. Hey!

    Thanks for the FCP X Looks Suite!

    Do the Misfire components work for FCP X? …. they were fun in FCP 7! If not, will they ever?



    1. Lee – Currently, no. In fact, it’s not even a feature we advertise as a product feature, though I love them. Right now there is no set plan to port them, but if that changes, we’ll let you know.

    2. After Effects is currently the only host that can take advantage of key framing capabilities.
      Please contact our support team if your have any further questions:

      Thank you,

  22. Just wondering if you plan to release quick looks to the fcpX line up

    1. Peter,

      No set plans as of yet. But we will let everyone know when we release further compatibility.

  23. I noticed in your video, you were using a Lift/Gamma/Gain control but I cannot seem to find that anywhere in my tool palette. The only way I can seem to get to it is by applying the blockbuster preset and getting rid of everything else. Do you know what’s going on because Looks is much more valuable to me if it can use LGG controls.

    1. Lift/Gamma/Gain and Offset/Gamma/Gain have been removed in Looks 2.0 . They will load into the Tool Chain when you open a Looks 1.0 file, However, they are not available in the Tools Drawer to use on other projects. When opening a Looks 1 project, these tools will appear with their Gamma controls. These tools are still present in Looks 2 but now have the Gamma control removed. Also, the 3 Way Color Corrector tool is still in Looks 2. However, it has been renamed the Color Ranges tool.
      This information can be found in the User Guide located in your installer.
      Hopefully this will help.


  24. Hi Kaylinn , thanks for the replay. Shame quick looks is not in your plans to release. Well I guess I’ll have to find another plugin.

  25. Matt,

    I had the same issue, but noticed I had the built in color filter on, with a modified correction 1. I turned it off and the it looked the same.

    Hope it works for you.

  26. Very excited to finally try Magic Bullet Looks. I just have one quick question. If I purchase this am I able to put it on my imac and macbook or do I need to buy two copies. Thanks.

    1. Gavin,

      In our license agreement it states that you can install on one desktop and one personal laptop but you cannot run the product at the same time or you will get a serial number error.
      Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  27. Hello! i have this problem: if a color correct a clip in FCPX color module, and then use MBL2, the preview in MBL2 doesn’t reflect all the corrections i made in FCPX and just show me the original clip, is this a known issue??


    1. Alfredo,

      I have notified our support team of this issue. We will contact you with further information.
      Thank you!

  28. The new NB for FCPX is great, but what I’m really hanging out for is primatte for FCPX

  29. Matt — Did you ever find a solution to your darker footage in FCP X issue. I have the same issue. (Raymond – thanks for the suggestion, but even unchecked the image is still darker (and noisier).

  30. Hola quisiera consultar si esto puedo instalarlo en la tarjeta de memoria de una canon t3i

    1. Por favor, póngase en contacto con nuestro equipo de soporte para que podamos ayudarle con sus preguntas.

  31. Hi, I also habe the problem that when you are in MBL2, you can’t see color corrections made with the color module perviously in FCPX.
    Also I think that the FCPX color module is rendered on the footage after MBL2. I couldn’t find a way to re-arrange the effects. This is a really big problem since I want to do a basic color correction in FCPX before I go to MBL.

    1. Daniel,

      I have started you a Support Case so we can further look into this issue and contact you for more information.
      Thank you,

  32. I am having problems getting the on-screen controls to show. FCPx 10.0.4 and MBL2. Inconsistent behaviour. Any ideas.

    1. Guy,

      Please email into with a description of what exactly is happening so we can look further into this.
      Thank you!

  33. Hi I’m also having problems still with the on screen control overlay to show. It worked yesterday changed a shot today apply MB and no control showing up?

    1. George,

      Please contact our support team so we may get further information about your set up:
      Thank you,

  34. Hi, I am experiencing two problems. Firstly, about 80% of the time I can not get the onscreen edit controls to display when I tick the box – nightmare, and when I dio get them and open the editor, I get a black screen with no reference fram to edit to! HELP!!!

    1. Ian,

      Please contact our support team regarding these issues:
      Our team will be able to look further into this.
      Thank you,

  35. I’m having the same isues at #59 – Ian Lewis. I’m on FCP 10.0.8 and MBL 2.1.0. I can get into the editor but when it opens up, I just get a black screen. I’ve tried restarting multiple times and it happens on every clip I try. Help please. Thanks.

    1. Eric,

      Please contact our support team:
      We would like to take a look at your project and Looks to make sure everything is set up correctly. Any added information would be helpful too!
      Thank you,

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