Drawing on Real Life Experiences

Mar 28, 2012 1093 0 Share
Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz

Joe, our head of QA, lounging with a good friend. One of these two wants a tummy rub. I won’t say which.

When I tell people I’m an animator, I almost always get asked: “So can you draw me?” Then I have to disappoint them and explain that I mean I am a computer animator, and mostly I move pixels or object from point A to Point B, and then add what Harry Frank likes to call “Zazzle.” At that point, most people are not impressed, and can I pass the ketchup? Naturally, I’ve always been in awe of anyone who can draw. Don’t get me wrong – I can stick figure with the best of them, but past that, my drawing of a car might be mistaken for a roller skate or maybe a turtle in a wheelchair. So imagine how impressive it must be (at least for me) when someone can draw, not only well, but fast – AND have it match up with the world around them. Some of you may know Kaylinn Solazzo, one of our Technical Support team, but what you don’t know is that, like many of the people at Red Giant, she is a visual artist. And not just that, she is an amazing compositor… Just not in the way your probably used to. She draws on little scraps of paper and holds them up next to real things and they become part of, and alter, the real world. Here are some examples of her work: But the world around us changes quickly, So I asked Kaylinn about the challenge of capturing a moment, in a moment.

“I try to give myself three minutes (five, if I haven’t had any coffee) to come up with a doodle and set it in my daily surrounding. You can often catch me telling my coworkers to quit moving as I try place a narwhal on someone’s shoulder or a bear on their lap and snap a quick photo or two with my iPhone. It’s a fun sort of challenge that I like to give myself that doesn’t have to do with anything but being a tiny creative outlet.”

As I said earlier, a lot of people at Red Giant are visual artists, and many more are creative outside the visual medium. I love how different their skills/talents are from mine. It’s both humbling and inspiring to work with people who think differently, and it’s a big part of what makes my Job at Red Giant as awesome as it is. You can see more of Kaylinn’s awesome work HERE.

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