PluralEyes 2 and DualEyes 2 Update

Sep 20, 2012 19030 10 Share
Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
Hey folks – if you own a license of PluralEyes 2 or Dual Eyes 2, you may have woken up to find out that your license has expired. Rest assured, PluralEyes 2 still works, but you need to download the latest installer HERE. You will also need to convert your singular Software License Key to a Red Giant License key. Here’s how. It’s easy and will take just a few moments. Here are some FAQ’s to help you out: So what exactly just went down? You might not think too much about this, but acquiring and integrating technology always has complications, and they’re never the same. It’s amazing how many details go into what seems, to the outside world,  like a simple thing. Licensing is one of them. Singular Software used a licensing service that checked your license every time you started up PluralEyes – it was a good system that has worked for many years, but it’s not the one we use. I know what you’re thinking: If it was a good system, why on earth did we make the switch? Couldn’t we leave well enough alone? No, we couldn’t – that licensing service was due to lapse – something  that would leave existing PluralEyes users without a working license of their software. Since we don’t control the service, there was nothing we could do about it. And that’s not the Red Giant way. Seeing the problem, our crack team of engineers (which includes RG and Singular’s engineers, now under one banner) burned the midnight oil to make sure that PluralEyes users did not get stuck without the software they’ve come to depend on. We managed to get all of the existing licenses into our licensing system in record time. Believe me when I say this – this effort was no small thing. Different technologies do not easily mix, but the team worked hard to make sure years of Singular customers (and now our new ones) were not left in the cold. And while it means you have to download a new version of the software, it also means you have what you need to get the job done. Just another of the many reason’s I’m proud to work at Red Giant, where customers really do come first.

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  1. I HATE PLURALEYES 3!!!!! How can I switch back to 2?!

    1. Matt,

      Please contact our support team so we can help you uninstall.

      Thank you,

  2. Hey

    Just wondering where i can purchase Plural Eyes 2

    Plural Eyes 3 cannot work on our computers etc


    1. PluralEyes 2 is no longer being sold as a separate product. However, it does come with the purchase of Pluraleyes 3.
      I hope this information helps! Feel free to contact our sales team if you have any further questions:


  3. I just downloaded a free trial of Pluarl Eyes. When I clicked on Dual Eyes to try it out, it wants a serial number. How does this work?

    1. Kaylinn Solazzo May 7, 2013 at 8:33 am


      When it prompts you for the serial, check the box next to the product. This should turn the lettering red and activate the product as a demo, then select Continue. If any issues occur, please contact our support team:
      They will be able to help you with any installation issues.


  4. I am unable to use plural eyes 3 as a standalone system. It is grayed out on the computer ( MacBook Pro 2013) I forces me to export for a NLE. Can you please help ?

    1. Aladin,

      I’m sorry you are having troubles! We may need some further information about your file format and system to see exactly what is going on. Please contact our support team so we may look further into this issue.
      Thank you,

  5. I purchased Plural eyes 2 fro Singular years ago (I still have the cd) and I LOVE IT!! I had it installed on 2 computers and all was fine. When you partnered with Singular I had issues opening plural eyes 2. It said I was in trial mode and didn’t work. I went onto your website and got a code which allowed me to use it. I also purchased Plural eyes 3 from your company hoping it would be even better!!

    Turns out I don’t like Plural eyes 3 at all and went back to happily using Plural eyes 2. Today I attempted to open Plural eyes 2, but the sync button is grey and there is no sequence or projects in the drop down menus.

    What should I do?

    1. Edward,

      I’m sorry that you are having troubles. This is something that our Support team would be happy to assist you with.
      Please let them know exactly what is happening and, if you can, provide some screenshots and they will be able to help you:
      Thank you,