UPDATE: Trapcode Suite 12.1 – Fixes and New Features

Oct 25, 2012 8521 3 Share
Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
Hey folks – Happy Thursday! What better way to celebrate a perfectly good day of the week by giving you an awesome update to the Trapcode Suite – Now version 12.1. This is a combination of both a maintenance update that includes bug fixes for the installer, for Form 2.0.4 and Particular 2.2.0 – And it also has a few new customer-requested features in the Particular update. We even have some new tutorials to cover the new features, as well as a new series of Particular 2 Getting Started tutorials from Harry Frank. Anyone owning Trapcode Suite 12, Particular 2 and/or Form 2 can download the installer and get these updates and fixes for FREE! Get the Trapcode Suite installer HERE. What’s new in Trapcode Suite 12.1: Suite Installer Updates
  • This Suite 12.1 installer includes a fix to the issue of Form and Particular not properly installing in CS4 on Windows 32bit.
  • Installer registration fixes to Mir.
Particular 2.2.0 New Features:
  • New Default “Still” mode in Layer Emitter Sampling to be used if a still image is used as a Layer Emitter.
  • Newly Renamed Transform World controls as to differentiate them from the Emitter controls. Useful for writing expressions unique to this control.
  • There is a new “Lights Unique Seeds” control in Emission Extras to allow unique random seeds for each light emitter in scenes with multiple lights emitting particles.Random Seed needs to be set to 65536 or higher for this to work.
  • Unique Light Seeds also affects Streaklet random seed so that different lights get different Streaklet appearance.
  • A new “Particle Amount” feature under Rending allows you to quickly change the amount of particles shown for previewing when Particles/sec is keyframed.
  • The maximum visible particles has been raised to 20million.
  • New Layer Emitter mode RGB-XYZ Velocity that allows particles to get their velocity from the RGB of the Layer Emitter.
  • The “Affect position” control in Turbulence in the Physics controls now goes into negative numbers for a greater range of control.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with Layer Grid Emitter, properly kills particles if alpha is zero so it can be used with Aux (modes Particle Birth Time and Still).
Form 2.0.4
  • Fixed a bug that made Form crash on Mac when Time Remapped using two consecutive keyframes with the same value.
New Tutorials: Free Presets
  • Ok – they aren’t all new, but there’s a ton (hundreds!) of FREE Trapcode Particular presets on our free site for sharing presets and templates – Red Giant People.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I just had a quick chat with one of your support staff online. Ae was crashing and she recommended that I update the drivers on the video card. I hadnt even thought of it … and it seems to be working !!

    I am really stoked that finally I can get Grid Squares and Grid Lines to work properly without crashing, will continue testing this but I think that was a piece of advice which really helped me out a lot. <3 THANK YOU <3

    Thanks so much (I think her name was) Joyce !! Really appreciate the excellent service and products – you guys are the best and Im not kidding !!!

  2. I want to downlode them,but the truth is I cannot.Can you tell me what should I do?

    1. MC,
      Please contact our support department. They will be able to troubleshoot what is going on and assist you with your products.
      They are available via phone, email and live chat: http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/company/contact-us/support/
      Thank you,


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