Final Cut 10.0.7

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Red Giant Team
Red Giant Team
Hey folks – When Final Cut X 10.0.6 was released, it introduced a ton of great features, making it an even more powerful editing system. From that release we’ve been tracking a bug with Apple that had some plug-ins not outputting visuals properly, including Magic Bullet Looks and Mojo. Last week, Apple released FCPX 10.0.7, and while it was not the release that will fix the bug, we are making good progress with them to get it resolved. In the mean time, some good news:  We did some additional testing here, going straight to Compressor. We have found it difficult to reproduce the issue in Compressor and for those of you who own it, this might be a good workaround while we wait for a fix in FCPX. Stay tuned!

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  1. Will this eventual bug fix from apple enable the keying suite to work with FCPx

  2. I would appreciate a step-by-step list of how I can use Compressor to work around this very irritating problem which makes it impossible to use Looks 2.0

    1. Anders,

      We found this this issue difficult to reproduce this issue when using Compressor. Here is a link to the Apple Support page regarding how to use their product:
      Hopefully this information can be of help.
      Thank you,

  3. Nice post. I love it. I hope to see more. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Not sure if anyone has already posted this workaround yet. To fix the green and magenta / inverted glitches after rendering in FCPX, after MBL finished rendering, navigate the playhead to the exact frame that is glitched, move the mix slider down just enough to see that the frame corrects (usually just takes a notch to two to correct). You may have to do this to a few frames for every clip but its better than nothing for now. Hopefully the next FCPX or Magic Bullet Looks ll update will fix the problem.

  5. Can you be a little more upfront with us Mr. Red Giant? Are we looking for a fix from you, from Apple via a FCP X update, and or is this fix only going to come in the form of an Apple OS 10.8.3 update? People are having to jump through a lot of hoops here, and I personally haven’t been able to use Looks since purchasing it. I think you owe us a little more explanation other then giving us a link to Apples website telling us how to use compressor!

  6. Just confirmed Ralph’s solution. I even input 99.999% and it reads 100%. Looks good to me, and seems better than sending to Compressor. Nice work, Ralph!

  7. Forget Looks. Will Colorista ii ever be compatible with Final Cut Pro X??

    1. Christian,

      Due to FCPX’s lack of custom UI, it makes it very difficult to make Colorista II compatible. I would be happy to fill out a feature request regarding this compatibility.
      Thank you,

  8. To the Red Giant Team: Could you please give us an update on the situation? It’s been about a month and your post said at that time that you’re making good progress with Apple on resolving the problem, but nobody (not RedGiant nor Apple) can give any helpful information on what progress has been achieved and exactly when a fix will be released.

    Could someone please kindly fill us in?

    1. Reynaldo,

      Unfortunately we do not have an ETA on the release of the fix. We have found it difficult to reproduce the issue when Send to Compressor was used and for those of you who own Compressor 4, this might be a good workaround while we wait for a full fix in FCP X.
      I hope this information can help.
      Thank you,

  9. Ralph,
    Your workaround sounds promising, but I don’t understand what you mean with the “move the mix slider”.
    Thank you,

  10. Hi Anders,
    When you have Magic Bullet applied to a clip, click your inspector button, make sure its on the video tab of inspector. You will all the effects you may have applied to the clip. Find the Magic Bullet section. The you will see several adjustment options such as On Screen Controls, Feather Size, Mask, ect. The last slider should be called “Mix”. By default it is set at 100% meaning that 100% of the Magic Bullet effect will be applied. You can turn it down by clicking and holding the slider to the desired level. Make sure to have your playhead directly on the glitched frame until the glitch corrects itself. This will happen real time, no rendering necessary. This works better on some looks more than others. If you have more than a couple of minutes of footage, this will be time consuming to correct every glitched frame but its better than nothing for now at least. Hope this helps.

  11. I purchased Looks recently. I have used it extensively in FCP7 previously. Slow but great to look at.

    I saw no mention as I was purchasing it for FCPX that it had these dysfunctional problems with the CURRENT version of FCPX. Revert to back-ups? FCPX is already a logistical mess for file management. I downloaded this thing from the App Store.

    I like your software but we don’t have the time to work around this glitch.

    Once again, shelving FCPX and going back to 7.

  12. Having this severe issue using Looks and FCPX as everyone mentioned here I have tried both solutions.
    I had mixed luck with the “Mix” slider suggestion, it works sometimes but I found that when two clips, both using Looks cross dissolved with each other… I couldn’t stop the issue. I’d fix one, render and another would pop up… since a lengthy render time is required for each and every instance… this jus became frustrating.
    Then I just used Compressor 4… and it work fine, the output was clean.
    Hopefully RG understands the importance of fixing this.

  13. Proffesionals can´t wait so long time for the fix ….

  14. Is there any new concerning Looks. This really takes far to long.. the app is of no use for several weeks now.. I must say Red Giant dissapoints me here..

    1. Paul,
      Unfortunately we are waiting for Apple to release this fix.
      We are just as anxious as our customers for this release.
      We really appreciate your patience and understanding.


  15. Kaylinn,

    Could you please provide information on what applications RG plans to make compatible with FCPX? I have a feeling there is currently no work being done in this regard, from the feedback you gave on Colorista for example. What is planned, what is currently being worked on (with estimated release date), what is not possible, etc.

    1. Taylor,

      Although I’m not quite sure of the timeline, there is talk of working on compatibility for Magic Bullet Denoiser with FCPX.
      Unfortunately we do not have any ETA of this release.
      Thank you,

  16. Send to Compressor may work for shorter pieces, but it is not a viable solution when working with a feature film. I’ve tried it numerous times and every single time Compressor has failed. Any other ideas for a workaround?

    1. Unfortunately, this is our only workaround at this time.
      Hopefully we will have more information in the future.


  17. FYI. The same problem crops up in Boris’s BCC 8 plugin.

  18. Just wanted to say thanks for the RedGiant team for all your work on this. Looking forward to using Looks for good ‘ol FCP X. Thank you!

  19. Guys a few weeks is nothing – still waiting after nearly 2 years to use Primate.

    RG posted on 12 Oct 2011

    “Breaking News! Today, Apple announced an update for OS X Lion: 10.7.2 and we’re happy to say that this update resolves the issues we have been seeing with Magic Bullet Looks 2, Colorista II, Primatte Keyer, and Knoll Light Factory running in Final Cut Pro on OSX Lion. We’ve been testing with the pre-releases of this OS X update and we can finally give it a thumbs up!”

    If you could give it a thumbs up 18 months ago …. where is it!!!!!!!

  20. just increase the clip scale to 100.5% in FCP. Then it will render just fine and without the glitch.

  21. That works 99% of the time. I just came across an instance where it did not work…so I changed it the scale to 101%, and it worked.

    …as a workaround.

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