New Updated BulletProof Beta Available Today!

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Red Giant Team
Red Giant Team
THE NEW BETA IS HERE! See your BulletProof Forum feedback in action—we’re very happy to announce that the new BulletProof Beta is ready for download. Feedback and feature requests have been pouring in, and here’s a look at some of the updates ready for you now:
  • Metadata export – Send metadata intact to FCP 7, FCP X and Premiere Pro as XML or XMP. Include color adjustments, In/Out points, and an option to trim the original clip or leave it as non-destructive metadata.
  • Metadata presets – Save your color adjustments, keywords and other metadata as presets. Use them with playlists or apply on import.
  • Color settings – An option to export color values as LUTs, a new Saturation slider, and more accurate color processing make BulletProof a no-brainer for color adjustments on set.
  • Macbook Air – Playback now works beautifully on your Macbook Air or any computer using the Intel HD 4000 graphics card.
  • Better Checksum status – Checksum info is now displayed in the Metadata options, and you have direct access to Import, Backup and Export logs from there.
  • New UI – The user interface has been locked down! This includes tooltips, keyboard shortcuts, preferences, context menus, and badges on thumbnails.
  • Logic updates – We’ve added support for Undo/Redo, and Copy/Paste. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.
  • PluralEyes integration – It’s started! A new Metadata option lets you mark and send your imported clips in a bin setup that PluralEyes can read. We have great plans for BulletProof and PluralEyes…
  • If you are new to BulletProof  head over to the BulletProof product page and click on the big orange “Sign in and Download” button, and follow the instructions on the next page. You’ll need to set up a Red Giant ID if you don’t already have one (don’t worry – it’s all done from that page). If you already have BulletProof installed, you can do it this way too.
  • Even easier – If you already have Red Giant Link installed, you can head to Applications > Red Giant Link and run Link. You may be asked to update to the latest version of Link. If so, go for it. Once Link is running you’ll see a screen that looks like the below image (Just follow the steps in the image):
TELL US WHAT YOU WANT! Camera support has been a big part of the BulletProof conversation, and while it’s not updated in this beta, it is something we are always working on. Get your vote in for the cameras and codecs that are important to you. You’re helping us to decide what support to work on next.

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