OSX Mavericks and Red Giant’s Software

Oct 22, 2013 12500 16 Share
Micah Sharp
Micah Sharp
Hello folks – Apple has announced that the newest release of their desktop operating system, OSX Mavericks, will be available for download sometime today (On top of that, it’s a free update!). We have been testing our software with developer previews of Mavericks as much as possible, but can not, at this time, recommend that our users upgrade to Mavericks. There are a couple of reasons we’re not quite ready:
  • Some of our licensing code is not compatible with Mavericks. We’re working on a fix, but not quite there yet. (If you upgrade, you’re probably OK, but we’re seeing some issues and wouldn’t want you to have to deal with non-working software!)
  • The majority of our products are plugins, and we simply haven’t had access to working builds of all the applications our products plug into on Mavericks yet to test with. As soon as we have access, testing starts, and we’ll do our best to ensure you wont run into any problems.
We’ll update here as soon as we have news! – Andrew Cheyne, Director of Engineering

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  1. That’s pretty sad! As much time as you have had to test all of your software with Mavericks, you can’t give the “all clear” for ANY of your software? That’s why Apple releases the developer previews so you have plenty of time to test out your software! This happens EVERY time Apple comes out with a new OS update, you all need to get with the program!

  2. Ron – the issue isn’t Apple giving Red Giant access to Mavericks. The issue is that the other host apps that host our plug-ins weren’t available to us early enough for our team to do our best job testing and verifying. Unless we have access to those mavericks-compatible host applications, we can’t possibly know what plug-ins will work and what won’t.

    We’re sorry for any trouble this causes you, but we want to do the best job we can, so that we can make sure you’re video productions don’t come to a complete standstill. Rest assured – As soon as we have word, we’ll get it out to you.

  3. FCPX hasn’t been updated for Mavericks, you have had access to Final Cut yes? Then why haven’t you tested Looks with FCPX and Mavericks? Why haven’t you tested PluralEyes with FCPX and Mavericks. I really don’t understand your explanation of why you haven’t been able to test ANY of your software with Mavericks, it sounds more like excuses to me. People spend a lot of money on your software, they don’t expect to be held hostage by Red Giant and not be able to upgrade their OS when it gets updated, yet it happens every time.

  4. I was having the same issue. Premiere was hanging up when it was initializing Colorista II. I used the Red Giant Uninstaller and removed just that one plugin for now. No issues starting Premiere.

  5. Any word on Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop? PS CC hasn’t changed post-Mavericks, but I’d like to know what to expect if I upgrade…

    1. Matt,

      We are currently testing all of our products to make sure everything is functioning correctly. We will post more information once we have it.
      Thank you so much for your patience. We really appreciate it!

  6. Don’t get me wrong. I understand the frustration of not being able to upgrade to Mavericks right away. But historically speaking, when has it EVER been a good idea for a creative professional to upgrade to a new OS the week of it’s release? Even if Red Giant along with every other plugin/software provider gave the green light to update, there’s no telling what random bugs may still be in the OS itself.

  7. LUT buddy in Premiere is useless for me in Mavericks. The import function wont allow a LUT to be loaded… just FYI… Upgraded today before I saw this… and as you know LUT buddy is central to our workflow

  8. Quick Looks for Premiere Cs5 on Mac is not more usable! Always Premiere will freeze…Will you update it?

    1. Augustido,

      We are currently working hard on updating our products for Mavericks compatibility. We have posted some information on our forums as well:
      We will let everyone know as soon as we can.

      Thank you for your patience,

  9. Premiere CS5 continues crashing the moment I open it. Any word on Looks, Colorista, Mojo and Denoiser being functional with Adobe and Apple’s Mavericks update?

    1. Brady,

      Please reinstall with the latest maintenance update located here: http://www.redgiant.com/blog/2013/11/26/software-update-color-suite-11-0-3-maintenance-release/
      If the issue continues to occur, please notify our support team so we can start you a support ticket.
      Thank you,


  10. Amerture Hour? That’s a bit harsh, but DESPERATELY needed Collorista II and others today for a cut, and crashes Premiere CS6 every time. I’m very disappointed, more in the lack of an apology that you guys have dropped the ball. Nearly every other Plugin company I use had updates on day one of Mavericks. Plus I never got an email or warning from you before hand. I know it’s

    1. Hey Chris, you are right, it is pretty lame of us to not be more prepared. Really sorry about that. Earlier this week we delivered via our Link updater application a version of Colorista that was supposed to fix the problem we saw with Mavericks. Are you able to update Colorista and confirm it is working? If not please let us know and we’ll get right moving on it asap.

      Thanks for commenting and keeping us on our toes!


  11. Have you guys corrected the compatibility issues with Mavericks yet?

    1. Jon,

      Everything should be good to go. If you have any troubles at all, please let our support team know so we can help with any issue.
      Thank you,