A Green Light for Red Giant in OSX Mavericks

Nov 8, 2013 5071 13 Share
Micah Sharp
Micah Sharp
Finally! All Red Giant products are good to go in OSX Mavericks. We have been releasing updates to our software since OSX Mavericks went live and we resolved any issues we found. In the end, there weren’t a ton of problems, but it takes a while to get all of our products tested thoroughly so we can say we have full confidence that our software is going to work 100%. Saying that, we were a bit late in our testing for this release; for that, I’m truly sorry. In the end, only 2 suites needed to be updated:
  • Shooter Suite – The entire suite has been updated to take care of some licensing issues.
  • Color Suite – The only issue we found was with Colorista II (a big one; it crashed!).
The latest updates to both suites can be downloaded here, or simply use Red Giant Link to update your products. To be explicit, all of our other products have been tested and are working fine in OSX Mavericks – that includes the Trapcode Suite, Keying Suite, and the Effects Suite. Thanks for your patience as we ran this one through the testing wringer, Andrew Cheyne – Director of Engineering

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  1. Bravo! I’m forced to purchase a Retina MacBook Pro for some location editing and there’s no way around Mavericks presently there. Thanks for responding so fast!

  2. question… how are things with trap code suite?

  3. sorry.. just read.. it was good. will be loading into mavericks some time next week.

  4. I purchased Magic Bullet Color Suite today because of the announcement that it works with Mavericks. After installing and testing Magic Bullet Looks in Premiere Pro CC, I am getting a black screen when the looks user interface opens.

    It works fine in Premiere Pro CS6 though.

    Please help,

    1. Darren,

      We recently released an update for the Color Suite. For further information please check our latest blog post:
      I hope this helps!


  5. I’m having an issue with Looks. I have the latest version, but does not work with the new Premiere Pro CC. I’ve tried the “go around” option, but that’s clunky too. Any idea on a new update for Looks? Thanks!

    1. Josh,

      We released a maintenance update to the Color Suite. Please check out further information here:
      I hope this helps.


  6. Is anyone having problems with Power Mask in Colorista II in Premiere CC on a Mac with Mavericks? Can’t seem to get the Power Mask to show up.

    1. Dan,

      I have notified our support team about this issue. Please email support@redgiant.com so we can send you the proper steps to resolve this issue.
      Thank you!


  7. I purchased Colorista II to use on my Macs and only after loading realised it does not work in Final Cut Pro X. Is there any plans of making this software compatible at any stage? Final Cut pro X is not going away.

    1. James,

      With the lack of custom UI within the host application, it makes it difficult to further compatibility within our products. We do have a 30 days no questions asked return policy.
      I’m sorry for any confusion.


  8. Hello! I download trial Magic Bullet Color Suite today because of the announcement that it works with Mavericks. After installing and testing Magic Bullet Looks in Final Cut Pro 10.1.1, I am getting a black screen when the looks user interface opens.

    Please help,

    1. Vladislav,

      I’m sorry to hear you are having troubles. I have notified our support team of this issue and they would be happy to assist. Please contact them at support@redgiant.com so they may gather further information of your system.
      Thank you,


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