Software Update: Color Suite 11.0.3 Maintenance Release

Nov 26, 2013 3944 2 Share
Red Giant Team
Red Giant Team
Hey folks – We’re very excited to announce that we just released Color Suite 11.0.3 and QuickLooks 1.4.4. Here’s what we fixed: Magic Bullet Looks 2.1.2, Colorista II 1.0.9 –  This update includes fixes for pulling frame data in Adobe Premiere Pro 7.1. The Premiere Pro 7.1 update included a change that affected how we pull frame data into the Looksbuilder and the Secondary Keyer in Colorista II. Without this change, the result was that we were just pulling black frames which affected all customers who had Adobe Premiere Pro 7.1. Over 50 cases were reported to us on this one (and we’re grateful people did, because that’s how we investigate and solve bugs). Mojo 1.2.4, Cosmo 1.0.2, Denoiser II 1.4.2 – We updated how serial numbers are handled. It was causing issues for some users on OSX Mavericks. LUT Buddy 1.0.2 – Fixed an issue that caused a Version Mismatch error. Magic Bullet Quicklooks 1.4.4 –  Fixed an issue where Premiere Pro and AE crashed when QuickLooks was installed on Mac OS X 10.9. Download the updates HERE, or use Link.

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  1. Has this finally fixed the same issue in CS6? I’m not interested in subscribing to CC just yet, but us Premiere users have had to deal with this issue for a long time. Not so great.

    1. Noah,

      If you are referring to using Magic Bullet Looks with adjustment layers within PPro, this is something that we are looking to support in a future release.
      If this is not the case, please contact our support team and they will be able to assist you (