Announcing Trapcode MIR v2 Public Beta

Dec 3, 2013 2787 0 Share
Red Giant Team
Red Giant Team
TRAPCODE MIR v2 — OPEN BETA Development continues with Mir, the latest addition to the Trapcode Suite. Owners of Trapcode Mir 1.0/Trapcode Suite 12 may download and test the new special Public Beta of Mir v2.0 available now hosted at Please visit ( for steps on downloading the plugin. Mir is useful for generating flowing organic elements, abstract landscapes and nebula structures quickly rendered in AE’s 3D space with options for light, shading modes and fractal distortion. Try out the new features currently included in this beta:
  • Optimized rendering – up to 3x faster
  • New Z Range parameter in the Fractal controls
  • Second Pass Wireframe mode
  • New Option to use Quads instead of triangles.
  • A new Pop-up for manually setting VRAM. Useful with high end cards with >2GB VRAM
All issues, feedback and feature requests can be made at the Trapcode Beta Forum on You can also follow @rymden on Twitter for updates directly from Trapcode creator Peder Norrby. Technical Notes on Participating in the Beta: The download is available in a zip file with the plug-in itself, there is no installer. If you feel unsure about the how to install they beta version by following the steps listed on the Beta site, please don’t touch anything and just wait for the proper release. WARNING! This is beta software. It may crash your computer. You may not be able to load a project saved with a beta version in a later beta or in the release version. Take care if using in production; render out and treat the render like it is footage from then on – you cannot be sure a later version will be able to load the project correctly. Happy Testing!

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