BulletProof 1.2 adds AVCHD, MXF, Reference Mode

Jun 19, 2014 20261 2 Share
Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
Hi folks – today we’re releasing the update for Red Giant BulletProof that you’ve all been waiting for. The newest version (BulletProof 1.2) includes the following updates:
  • AVCHD support (e.g., for Panasonic GH3 and much more)
  • MFX support – for Canon XF series cameras (e.g., C300 and much more)
  • Add Mode – A reference mode for files. One less copy in the process, speeding things up
  • PluralEyes integration – works with version 3.5 (currently available as a FREE PUBLIC BETA)
  • FREE Update for existing users. That’s right. All this new stuff in BulletProof is free.
You can get the update HERE or use Red Giant Link to update. If you are new to Red Giant BulletProof, here’s the skinny: Red Giant BulletProof is a standalone application for easy backup and review of your footage, on set. BulletProof pulls files from your camera card in the field, giving you peace of mind that your footage is protected. BulletProof also makes it easy to playback, review, and tag your shots, and offers many export format and codec options for final delivery of your footage. DOWNLOAD A FREE TRIAL HERE on the BulletProof product page. Pricing:
  • New: $199
  • Academic: $99
  • Upgrade for existing users of BulletProof: FREE
As always, if you have any problems, our support team is here for you.

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  1. No .r3d, no CinemaDNG… still no RED, BlackMagic, MagicLantern, or Digital Bolex/Ikonoskop support? Pomfort Cliphouse and DaVinci Resolve still the only good options for all of those folks I guess? Sigh.

  2. No RFC 2324? Sigh.