UPDATE: Universe 1.2 – New Stuff, New Host and More

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Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
Hey folks – when we released Red Giant Universe, we promised frequent updates. And in keeping that promise, today we are releasing another update to Universe, with version 1.2. Universe 1.2 brings the following new awesomeness to our library of GPU-accelerated tools:
  • 9 New free and premium effects and transitions (so there are now 68 tools in the Universe library)
  • Native-style Premiere Pro transitions for CC and CC2014 – a big customer request
  • Sony Vegas support (version 12 and 13) – that’s right. Virtually all of the universe tools now run in Sony Vegas.
WHAT IS UNIVERSE? In short, Universe is a community built around a library of GPU-accelerated effects and transitions for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Sony Vegas. If you are new to Universe, and want to know what it is about, this video may help: Don’t forget, Universe basic membership is FREE and comes with 37 FREE effects and transitions that are free forever. Premium members get an additional 31 Effects and transitions.

How to get Universe 1.2

  • If you are an existing Universe member, the new tools and updates can be downloaded directly through Red Giant Link.
  • If you are new to Universe, and want to join, you can sign up for free membership HERE.
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PREMIERE PRO USERS The following is only relevant to users of CC and CC 2014: In this version of Universe, we have updated transitions for users of Premiere Pro CC and CC2014. This change, requested by you folks, brings native-style transitions to Premiere Pro. The good news is, the speed up your your workflow dramatically. The (possibly) bad news is that they are not compatible with the old-style of transition. So… if you had previously used the old-style of transition, and want to open older saved project files, you can download the legacy versions of the transitions (and read more info) HERE. Both versions can be installed side-by-side in Premiere Pro CC and CC2014, however, we recommend using only the new versions for future projects. Here’s a video that will explain a little more: NOTE FOR VEGAS USERS: In this version of Universe, we are including support for Sony Vegas 12 and 13. While 67 of the 68 effects work in Vegas, one of the tools (Billowed Background) could not be ported at this time. We are working with Sony to fix the issue. As always, if you have any problems, our support team is here for you.

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