SALE: Our 40%-Off Sale is Coming Dec. 8!

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Aharon Rabinowitz
Aharon Rabinowitz
Folks – Don’t fall victim to Black Friday or Cyber Monday! Save your money… for just a little while longer. On December 8, 2015, we are having our Red Giant Year-End Sale. Here’s what you need to know:
  • 40% off everything in the store.
  • 24 Hours Only!
  • Sale Starts: 12/8/15 – starting at 08:00 AM PST.
  • Sales ends: 12/9/15 at 08:00 AM PST
The sale discount is for everything in the Red Giant store:
  • Full licenses
  • upgrades
  • academic store (which is already 50% off)
  • Suites
  • Individual products.

40% off EVERYTHING. Really. We mean it.

  • How to Get 40% off: On the day of the sale, there will be a coupon code – it will be all over our site. You won’t be able to miss it.
  • ACADEMIC BUYERS: If you are a student or faculty and want to buy from our academic store, please make sure to Pre-Qualify as an academic buyer before the sale, or you may miss out on the sale price.
So… to follow up… This means that, for one day (Dec. 8, and a few hours of Dec. 9), you can get 40% off Trapcode, Magic Bullet, PluralEyes, Universe and everything else in our Red Giant store. Some examples of savings:
  • Trapcode Suite: Usually $999. Get it on sale for just $600
  • Magic Bullet Suite: Usually $799. Get it on sale for just $480
  • PluralEyes: Usually $199. Get it on sale for just $120
  • Universe Premium Annual: Usually $99. Get it on sale for just $60
Reminder: These are just examples. EVERYTHING will be on sale at 40% off. If you have any questions, we are here for you. Please contact us at and we’ll help you out.

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  1. I cant wait!!!!! 😀

  2. Felipe RUIZ-MENDOZA November 25, 2015 at 2:58 pm

    This is great!!!

  3. Academic qualification only last for 24 hours, right? So anyone qualifying should send RG an email the morning of the sale? Just confirming in case that’s, well, not the case. Cheers!

    1. Your account would be approved for one year after providing the correct information. Please send in your academic info before the sale to ensure your discount.
      Thank you,

  4. hallo ist Magic bullets mojo
    Magic bullets 2.0 auch vieleit %40 rabat ?

    1. Yes, all of our products will be 40% off during our sale.
      I hope this helps.


  5. Always, Always look forward to this great sale. Thanks Red Giant!

  6. OH HECK YEA!!

  7. Does this 40% discount apply to Universe lifetime subscription?

    1. Yes, the 40% discount can be applied to this purchase.

  8. Can the 40% off be applied to a renewal of Universe Premium?

    1. That should be fine. If you have any troubles please contact Mary with our sales dept and she will be happy to help.
      Thank you,


  9. Gah… i just got the Trapcode suite a couple of days ago.. I wish I had waited a few day :S

  10. Will the 40% discount be applied on top if the academic pricing?

    1. Yes, the sale also is applied to the academic discount.
      Please make sure to have your account approved for the academic discount before the sale by emailing into
      Thank you,

  11. I can’t wait too !!!

  12. I know you say EVERYTHING several times, but I just wanted to check if the 40% off applies to the Volume Program?


    1. The sale applies to purchases made on, the volume program does not apply.
      Thank you for your understanding.


  13. Yeeeeaaaah buddy!!!! Can’t wait. Particular 2.5 upgrade, and Form here I come!! Can’t wait!!

  14. Actually Mir and Particular upgrade. Form is going to have to wait a few months. VA hospital bills are KILLING ME!! lol. Ohh well, I guess I can wait for Form lol.

  15. Can’t wait to get me some General TAO!

  16. hi, i am from asian country… i wan to ask is this sale is according the USA time?

    1. The sale starts at 8am PST (in about ten min) and will run for 24 hours.
      I hope this helps!


  17. stupid question but…Where is the 40% coupon on there site..can find it it,s 8 dec !

  18. This is great!
    I just sending e-mail for receive email verification of academic status.
    I hope not to be late.

  19. How long does it take to register your academic status? I just sent my information a few minutes ago. Will it be in time for this sale?

    1. Our sales team will get back to you regarding your approval.

  20. where is a coupon?

    1. Use code: YEAREND40
      But please hurry! Sale ends 12/9/15 @ 8AM PST


  21. hi there
    how do i purchase the discount
    i want to download the universe Premium Annual 99$ and it will be 60$?
    how do i purchase it?

  22. what is the code?

    1. Use code: YEAREND40
      Happy Shopping!

  23. Where are the coupon codes?

  24. I am waiting for the coupon code here, is this gonna work today?

  25. I do not see the 40% off coupon code on the site Please help thank you

  26. Hey, I like to buy the full trapcode suit, but there is now discount of 40% shown in the Checkout process. What can I do?

  27. This is an exciting sale, especially with the academic discount. How do I inquire about a career with Red Giant? I love your products.

    – Chris

  28. promotional code is where?

    1. Hi Justin – hopefully you have seen it by now, but the coupon code is YEAREND40. Let us know if you have any issues. Please contact us at for further help.

  29. it,s 8 dec where is the 40% discount coupon ?? can,t find it on de site…

    1. Hi David – hopefully you have seen it by now, but the coupon code is YEAREND40. There is still time!

  30. Can’t find this cupon!

    1. Hi Andre – hopefully you have seen it by now, but the coupon code is YEAREND40. There is still time!

  31. Darn you guys and your Pacific Standard Time! Do I really have to wait 2.5 more hours!? 🙂


    1. Use code: YEAREND40
      But please hurry! Sale ends 12/9/15 @ 8AM PST


  33. I think it is 4pm UK time so I have to wait another 2 hours?

  34. How do I get the discount of 40%. I want to buy the the full trapcode suite but there is no discount

    1. Hi Daniel – you need to add the code YEAREND40. That will give you the discount.

  35. hi, it began the promotion?

    1. The code is: YearEnd40
      Happy Shopping!


  36. Red Giant RULES!!!
    And they answer my email during Thanksgiving!!!

  37. Frédéric Fouragnan December 8, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    where can i take one coupon code please???

  38. How can I get promotial code? It’s very important to me!

  39. Raymond Medina Castillo December 8, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    Where is the coupon code for the 24 hour year end sale?

  40. Ups, sorry :). I’m sitting in germany and it’s the 8th sinse 16 hours :D. I didn’t realize the different time zone. 1 hour left. Can’t wait anymore! 🙂

  41. What and where is the code? If “it will be all over your site. I won’t be able to miss it.” I must be missing it.

    1. Not missing it yet! The sale starts in 20 min.


  42. Could you give me promotion code? I wanna buy 2 products!

  43. Do we need a Promotional Code to get the discount
    or at the check out the price to pay will change?

    1. There will be a coupon code you need to submit. We will provide that information in 20 min.
      Thank you for your patience!


  44. How to Get 40% off: On the day of the sale, there will be a coupon code – it will be all over our site. You won’t be able to miss it. …. I don’t see it anywhere… where is it?

    1. Chad,

      Please go ahead and use code: YEAREND40
      Happy Shopping!

  45. Does having some products apply as an upgrade for a suite?

    For example, I have Knoll Light Factory, Holomatrix, Psunami, and Text Anarchy. Would this entitle me for an upgrade of the Effects Suite?


    1. Although we do not have an upgrade path from individual products to the suite, please contact our sales team ( and we would be happy to help.


  46. Can’t wait for it, waaaaaaaah! *_____*

  47. Mau I ask, where we can find the promo code?

    1. Jeremy,
      Please go ahead and use code: YEAREND40
      Sale ends 12/9/15 @ 8AM PST.
      Happy Shopping!


  48. There’s still no code?

    1. There should be a banner at the top of the website with the coupon code. Please go ahead and use:

      Happy Shopping!

  49. bueller….bueller….bueller….

  50. where i can get a coupon code?

    1. Please go ahead and use:

      Happy Shopping!

  51. This sounds good – Can I upgrade to Looks for from my present version 3.

    1. Timothy,

      The sale applies to everything! Full products, academic and upgrades!
      I hope this helps.