SOFTWARE UPDATE: Magic Bullet Suite 12.1.4 Maintenance Release

Feb 22, 2016 9564 12 Share
Red Giant Team
Red Giant Team
Hi folks – Today we’ve released Magic Bullet Suite 12.1.4 – a Free Maintenance update to Magic Bullet Suite 12 that includes a new host app, new features and some bug fixes. Here is what’s new In Magic Bullet Suite 12.1.4: Magic Bullet Looks (v. 3.1.4)
  • FIXED: Magic Bullet Looks is now compatible with Avid Media Composer 8.5 on OS X El Capitan
  • NEW: “Keyboard Shortcuts” menu item
  • NEW: ⌘T on Mac, Ctrl+T on Windows to launch Trackpad mode
  • FIXED: Magic Bullet Looks can now recognize effects applied before it (in the effects stack order) in 32bpc
  • FIXED: “Couldn’t find main entry point” error that some users were seeing.
  • NEW: Grass Valley Edius 8 Support
Magic Bullet Film (v. 1.0.6), Mojo (v. 2.0.5) and Cosmo (v. 2.0.5)
  • NEW: Grass Valley Edius 8 Support

How To Update

As always, if you have any problems, our support team is here for you.

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  1. >> FIXED: Magic Bullet Looks is now compatible with Avid Media Composer 8.5 on OS X Yosemite

    hey guys, is this a typo? it was always compatible with amc 8.5 on yosemite – the problem was with el captain. cheers, al.

    1. Yes you are correct. I’m sorry for the confusion. We have updated the post.
      Thank you for letting us know.

  2. Hello: You mention above that Media Composer 8.5 now works on Yosemite. Do you actually mean el Capitan? Because that’s where the problem was. Thanks.

    1. James,
      Yes, sorry for the confusion. We have updated the post.
      Thanks for catching that!


  3. How I buy the software
    I cant get the Promotional Code

    1. Gidon,

      We do not have any promotional codes at this time. Please feel free to sign up for our newsletter to be notified of our upcoming events and sales:
      Thank you,


  4. Support for Edius 8 is fantastic! Any chance for Colorista III to be compatible with Edius 8 as well?

    1. We do not have any plans as of yet but I would be happy to write up a compatibility request on your behalf.
      Thank you!


  5. Are there still compatibility issues with Adobe Premiere CC 2015? I have tried reinstalling several times and looks does not show up in the effects panel.

    1. Brent,

      As far as I’m aware there isn’t a compatibility issue so I’ve sent your information to our support dept who will be able to assist with this installation issue.
      Thank you for your patience.


  6. Looks 3.1.7 crashes Media Composer 8.6.4 on OS X 10.11.6. Removing it from the AVX2 plugin folder resolves the problem. Maybe in the future.

    1. Warren,

      Thanks for letting us know. I’ve sent your information to our support team so they can gather further information and track this issue.



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