SOFTWARE UPDATE: PluralEyes 4.1.2

Nov 3, 2016 34683 5 Share
Red Giant Team
Red Giant Team

Hi folks – along with the free updates that make all of our current products Adobe CC 2017-compatible, we’ve also included new features and bug fixes in the update to Red Giant PluraEyes 4.1.2. This is a FREE update for current users, and includes the following:

  • Support Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017
  • Support for MAGIX Vegas Pro 14
  • Support for RED WEAPON and RED RAVEN .R3D media
  • Better support for multi-channel media (previously if the first channel was silent, PE4 would show a silent clip)
  • New Track-level Sync Options – Two new options have been added to the the track context menu to provide better manual control of sync behaviour when needed: “Allow Sync to Change Clip Order” and “Allow Sync to Split Tracks.” By default they are set automatically based on PluralEyes’  analysis of the files, but the user can override the automatic setting.
  • Better support for audio recording file naming, which can include a suffix that specifies the audio source e.g. The ZOOM H4N will add an “I” or “M” character to each file when recording in 4 channel mode, to indicate which of the two stereo inputs the file comes from.  PluralEyes 4.1.2 now detects such cases during the sync, and splits them onto separate tracks.
  • Better support for audio recorders that place each audio clip in a separate folder (e.g. Roland R26, ZOOM H5, ZOOM H6). Previously PE4 would incorrectly split these into separate tracks, with one clip per track.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed an issue where PE4 shows a grey screen upon launch

How to Update PluralEyes 4.1.2

This update is FREE to current users. Download and run the latest installer HERE.

As always, if you have any issues, please reach out to our support team for help. We are here for you.

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  1. Why is “Allow Sync to Change Clip Order” on by default. If the order was automatically changed to alphanumeric it might be OK sometimes, but when it rearranges carefully ordered clips to what appears random, it is very unhelpful.

    1. Neil,

      I’m sorry for the troubles. I’ve sent your comment to our support team to see if they will be able to assist.
      We will be in contact with you shortly.


  2. Sara Lafleur-Vetter June 21, 2017 at 4:51 am

    I just bought 4.1 and I can’t figure out how to override this function. It used to be a box you could check in the Sync window – I simply want to sync my files but I don’t want them to go out of order. This is super frustrating. How do you disallow Pluraleyes to change the clip order?

  3. Sara Lafleur-Vetter June 21, 2017 at 4:53 am

    Apologies. I found it in the individual video tracks if you control click. Problem solved.

    1. I’m glad everything worked out. If you have any further questions please feel to reach out to our support team (
      We would be happy to help.



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