Red Giant Complete Monthly Option + Now Free for Students & Teachers

Mar 26, 2020 13123 22 Share
Red Giant Team
Red Giant Team

Last year we introduced Red Giant Complete, our complete set of tools for one low annual subscription price. Since then many of you have asked for a monthly subscription option that would give you more flexibility. We heard you and we have great news:

Introducing Red Giant Complete Monthly – the same products you love from Red Giant, now available as a flexible monthly subscription.

Red Giant Complete Monthly is available at $79 a month, RIGHT HERE.

Don’t forget you can get a Red Giant Complete annual subscription for $599 a year, which works out to just $49.92 per month.

As always our products are still available for purchase as perpetual licenses.


Are you a student or teacher/faculty member? We have even better news…there is no longer any need to decide what suite best fits your budget. Instead of having to buy separate suites, you can now own everything we make. As of today Red Giant Complete is FREE if you are a student or faculty member of a university, college, or high school.

How to Get a Free License

  1. Head over to our educational download page at OnTheHub HERE.
  2. Click Add to cart and then Sign in (or sign up for a new account)
  3. Follow the instructions for educational verification.

For more information on academic verification, head over to THIS PAGE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your free subscription will last 180 days (6 months). When that time is over, you will need to re-verify your academic status to renew your free subscription of Red Giant Complete. By ordering this 6-month subscription, you will get a promo code to access the software on the Maxon website. Note that you will be charged a service fee of $ 2.99 USD or equivalent during the activation process.

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  1. I and millions of others homeschool my child. What are our options?

    1. We would be happy to look into this for you. Please email for further information.


  2. Andy Martinez Lopez April 2, 2020 at 4:49 pm

    Hello !

    I have sent a picture of my University student card and another proof but I have not received yet any answer after more than 24 hours. I have sent at “”

    Is it not normal ?

    Thank you in advance !

    1. With the high influx of responses, there will be a delay. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time.


  3. Hi! I am enrolled in a private motion graphics course/academy. Could I opt-in? Thank you!

  4. Hola, los precios son en dolares verdad? Porque soy de Argentina y nuestro moneda está muy desvalorizada como para pagar esos montos. Gracias!

    1. These prices are USD. If you are looking for a reseller in your area, please email
      Estos precios son USD. Si está buscando un distribuidor en su área, envíe un correo electrónico a

      ¡Espero que esto ayude!


  5. How long does the free academic plan stand?

    1. We have no end date as of yet.
      For further questions, please contact


  6. Hello. Is it enough to send just one testimonial? Or should I write something else? I have already sent a testimony 6 days ago. But I haven’t received a response yet.

    Thank you

    1. I’m so sorry for the delay. We have had an influx of requests so the response time has slowed.
      We appreciate your patience during this time.


    2. Nico,

      I wasn’t able to find your academic request under your email. Could you resend your information to and cc
      That would be very helpful.


  7. Thank you, for having the option for both subscription and for purchase. Wish a lot of other companies would follow suit with the same policy.

  8. I have now sent another email. I hope it gets through.

    Thank you.

  9. Hey, I sent an email about 4 days ago, and have not seen a response, just wondering on the time it takes to get a response.

    1. There has been quite an influx of emails lately. Please check in with to make sure they received your request.
      We appreciate your patience!


  10. Is there a reimbursement available to users who purchased a discounted academic subscription of RG Complete prior to the free license release?

    1. Please contact our support team who will be able to check out your account and help you with your options:


  11. I sent my confirmation email this morning, is this offer still valid?

    1. Thank you for your patience while our academic team reviews this request.


  12. What is there for non-profits. I haven’t been able to find that info.

    1. Please reach out to our sales team for any information about promotions or discounts. You can email us at sales(at)redgiant(dot)com.
      We would be happy to help!


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