Free Webinars: Demystifying Post-Production

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Red Giant Team
Red Giant Team

Join us for a weekly series of interactive webinars, featuring industry experts, covering essential concepts and techniques for post-production, hosted by our Director of Training Simon Walker, CSI. All webinars will be recorded, so if you register but can’t attend, you can still view the recording. Webinars are live every Monday (5pm BST / 12pm EDT / 9am PDT).  Click each title below to register. View all the recordings HERE

May 2020

Mograph Techniques and Effects (TRAPCODE SUITE, UNIVERSE, CINEMA 4D)

June 2020

Designing 3D: Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering (CINEMA 4D, VFX SUITE)

July 2020

Color Correction and Grading (MAGIC BULLET SUITE)

August 2020

Demystifying Post-production: Workflows for Compositing in VFX Suite
Join compositing and motion graphics experts Chad Perkins and Nick Harauz for a month of essential compositing training sessions every Monday in August.

Chad Perkins is a visual effects artist and motion designer based in Seattle, WA. He is a member of the Visual Effects Society, an award-winning author, an Adobe Certified Instructor, and a certified Trapcode Expert.

Nick Harauz is a certified Adobe, Apple, Da Vinci and Avid Instructor based in Toronto. He produces educational content for LinkedIn Learning, Adobe and his company Creative One Eleven.

September 2020

Demystifying Post-production: MoGraph, Generators, Effectors, Fields, Fracturing and more! Cinema 4D
Join Maxon expert trainers Elly, Matt and Jonas for more sessions covering some of the essential 3D production techniques in Cinema 4D

October 2020

Demystifying Post-production: Stylistic Treatments and Effects for Editors
Join post-production experts Jason Hare and Nick Harauz every Monday in October for four free webinars, featuring essential tips and tricks to speed up your editing workflow and to create professional end results, featuring Red Giant Universe and Magic Bullet Suite in Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer.

November 2020

Demystifying Post-Production: Color Correction and Grading in Da Vinci Resolve
Join us every Monday in November for a series of webinars dedicated to color correction and grading in Da Vinci Resolve, with Maxon expert trainer Max Raharjo, and professional colorists Tony Bari Jr and Diego Yhama, hosted by Simon Walker, Maxon Director of Training.

December 2020

Demystifying Post-Production: Trapcode Particular 5 New Features  

Join us in December for three webinars investigating the brand new features and updates in Trapcode Particular 5. Trapcode experts Chad Perkins and Nick Harauz will demonstrate the new interface updates, and show you fast ways to create beautiful visuals in Particular.

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  1. For all the webinars during May, I’ll be chatting and discussing techniques with Master Trainer Nick Harauz (@clipsandhandles). as well as sharing project files and useful links. Come along!

  2. Hello is there a way to see any of the archives of the weekly series of interactive webinars?

  3. I learned a lot from the fire and smoke episode. They mentioned some files to download, but I can’t find the link. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

    1. John,

      We added the project files to this blog post.
      I hope this helps!


  4. Yes please, bring it on 🙂 Thank you

  5. Cullen, each registration link also acts as the link to the recording – click each title to register or view the recording.

  6. On the May 4th webinar Simon mentions about linking to the incredible looking Forge project done by Lionel. I’m not seeing that on the links though, thanks!

  7. Not sure if others are experiencing this, the archive “Animated City Project File” appears to be corrupt.
    I can’t extract the contents from the downloaded .zip file

  8. Hi Derek, please try this link for the Animated City Project File:

  9. Hello,
    I’ve been enjoying the recent webinars. Where can I find an on-demand version of the Oct 12 even? Thanks!

  10. I need a webinar on time-managment: How can I find time for not only watching these but also comprehending and mastering all these great pieces of software.))

  11. First I would like to thank you all in RG and Maxon in taking care for all the user of your products and offering Free webinars.

    Thanks for all the guest presenters.. they are great and making very useful tutorials.

    Now I would like to have some Exercise files ( premiere pro and After Effects ) project related to” Demystifying post production: stylistic effects and treatment for Editor” i need to study how RG Universe Fx applied to the same footages used by Jason Hare.

    Jason Hare is very Excellent .. Need more to see his own complete Workflow from beginning to end .


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