CHEAP TRICKS #15 | What’s Kraken? Fractured Ice Surface Tutorial

Jun 11, 2020 1305 0 Share
Red Giant Team
Red Giant Team

We’re all still trapped at home, and that makes this time an excellent opportunity to learn – even for us! And what better way to learn than to try new things.

In this episode of Cheap Tricks, Hashi takes on the challenge of breaking the ice using dynamics in C4D, bringing it all together with some live action footage to create an awesome VFX shot.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about basic 3D modeling, dynamics, texturing, compositing and the dangers of ice skating in a town where the mayor refuses to close the kraken-infested lake because he doesn’t want to kill tourism.


Want to follow along? You can download a free trial of both Red Giant Complete and Maxon Cinema 4D and have access to fully functioning versions of all of our tools!


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