NEW SOFTWARE | Introducing Cinema 4D R23 and Maxon One

Sep 9, 2020 3760 3 Share
Red Giant Team
Red Giant Team

Hey folks – As you know at the beginning of this year, Maxon and Red Giant joined forces. Up until now we’ve taken some small steps to bring our technology together but today that changes – in more ways than one.

We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of Cinema 4D R23 and Maxon One, our new subscription offering, that gives you Cinema 4D, Redshift and Red Giant Complete all for one low price (see below).

But we’re not just bundling our software together. This release of C4D includes some powerful integration of one of Red Giant’s flagship tools, Magic Bullet Looks.



Cinema 4D R23 provides fantastic advancements to the character animation system, UV editing, viewport display and asset exchange. Also, for the first time ever, included inside C4D is Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Looks which makes it possible to easily apply one of over 200 preset film looks, import LUTs, or work with individual tools for color correction, film grain, chromatic aberration and much more. Learn more about and purchase Cinema 4D R23 at


Are you the kind of person that wants it all? We’ve got something for you. Expand your animation and VFX options even further by bringing together Cinema 4D, Redshift and the complete set of Red Giant’s post production tools – all at an amazing price. This incredible bundle provides artists with everything they need to produce beautiful motion graphics and VFX. Learn more about and purchase Cinema 4D R23 at

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you currently have an annual subscription to Red Giant Complete, we have great news. We plan to offer an easy way to upgrade from Red Giant Complete to Maxon One. Stay tuned! We’ll send out an email soon.

As always, if you have any questions or problems with your Red Giant tools, our support team is here for you. If you need help with Cinema 4D or Redshift, head over to Maxon Support.

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  1. Still way over prized like the Red giant complete. Maxon is one software and yet it’s double the price of Adobe suite with 11 softwares. There is a free option that has a bigger learning curve for me but still going to take that route. The prize range should be around normal single licence 10-30$ monthly (like photoshop). —Red giant complete. Yes I understand that the biggest customers are VFX houses that can afford the price, but on the long run all the up and coming filmmakers are looking into free software like Natron, Davinci, Blender etc. When they enter the work life and start their own companies which software you think they will pick. The free one that they know how to use or the over priced software that they have no clue. All in all, Lower price – more users – less profit but longer life.

  2. This is brilliant. So effectively if a person has Red Giant Complete we can migrate up to Maxon One with no additional charges? Is this correct?

    This is a seriously exciting bit of news and finally I see a real industry giant being formed.

    Well done to all

    I cannot wait to see what Maxon One looks like and how it can incorporate into my current workfflow


  3. Joonas you need to take into consideration the amount of R&D that goes into making these products. It takes years if development work and costs the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. So charging for licensing is very fair. I don’t think they are overpriced. In fact I think its really affordable if you have to service clients who have a budget.


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