DINO FEAST – A New Short from Seth Worley

Oct 6, 2020 1682 0 Share
Red Giant Team
Red Giant Team

It’s been almost 3000 months since we all went home and stayed there, and in that time we’ve gone to unspeakable lengths to keep ourselves and our loved ones from going insane. For some of us, that’s meant learning new skills, while for others it’s meant multiple Frasier rewatches. If you’re Seth Worley, it means teaming up with your 9-year-old daughter to make an epic animated short that rivals the scope of most Marvel films.

Introducing DINO FEAST, an epic animated short written, directed, illustrated, and narrated by 9-year-old Eva Worley, animated by her dad, and featuring a cameo from Emmy-winner Tony Hale (Toy Story 4, Veep, Arrested Development).


Also be sure to check out THE MAKING OF DINO FEAST to see how Seth used Red Giant tools, Adobe After Effects, and good old-fashioned parental guilt to bring his daughter’s ambitious sprawling epic to life.



While you’re at it, if you loved Eva Worley’s DINO FEAST, you should check out her older brother’s acclaimed filmography as well:


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