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Jan 26, 2021 471 0 Share
Red Giant Team
Red Giant Team

For many years at Red Giant, we provided world class training, resources, and creative support to mainly to our enterprise customers. When we merged with Maxon last year, I was fortunate to have the great trainers on Maxon’s staff join my team. Last year, with this new expanded team, we not only added Cinema 4D and Redshift to our programs, but also decided to bring all the great tips and techniques we had been providing to broadcasters, production facilities and design houses to the whole community with an ongoing series of free webinars. We held dozens of sessions last year and the response has been great. So, we’re planning many more throughout 2021!

In January, we kicked off the year with the four-part Demystifying Post-Production: Volume Builder Workflows in Cinema 4D series. Every Monday, my amazing team took a deep dive into the Cinema 4D Volume Builder, teaching attendees how to prepare meshes for 3D printing, develop workflows for sculpting, use Volumes to make particles, and so much more. If you missed it, don’t worry – we always make recordings of our series available for on demand viewing.

In February, the Color Team is back with the series, Shooting the Grade, investigating grading workflows for your camera gear and looking at key aspects of production, such as how the sensor can affect your grade, and how colorists can take advantage of different picture styles, including paint, shade and raw settings. Joined by industry experts from Canon and Sigma, we will be providing practical recipes to help in post-production, including showing how you can leverage the new color handing features in Magic Bullet Looks inside DaVinci Resolve.

Master Trainer Lionel Vicidomini is also joining us for three special sessions in February, Designing Fantasy Titles, where he’ll showcase designing fantasy titles with fire, clouds and smoke in Cinema 4D and Redshift, using a combination of creative and timesaving techniques, including Volume Builder, Mograph, Redshift materials and Xparticles. He will also show how to convincingly composite everything together using After Effects and Red Giant Supercomp.

And, don’t miss our #AskTheTrainer sessions, every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, where we answer your creative questions live (and without a net!). On January 28th, we’ll be joined by Action Movie Dad himself, Daniel ‘Hashi’ Hashimoto, author of the hugely popular Cheap Tricks series of tutorials.

And that’s just the first two months of the year! We’ve got a ton of ideas for more webinar series and we are interested in your ideas as well. Come join us and make sure to say hi!

Simon Walker CSI, Director of Training, Maxon

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