Product Support team

Red Giant is currently looking to add another member to our Product Support team. Our company creates and maintains software for filmmakers. The software interacts with a wide variety of programs like Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, and others.

The position available consists of answering calls, emails, and chats to help users find solutions to their problems. You’ll log your interactions with customers into a database, which will then be used by other teams (QA, Project Managers, etc.) to give them an idea on what problems, features, and resources customers are in need of that will better shape the company’s products down the road.

Helpful Skills You Should Have:

• Good Grammar and Punctuation: You don’t need to know when to use Oxford commas or semicolons, but knowing when to capitalize a word and knowing “your” from “you’re” and “their” from “there” from “they’re” is a must.
• Tech Savvy, or at least Tech-Adaptable: You will not need to know coding or programming, but having basic knowledge of how to install products, run utilities (like Task Manager or Activity Monitor), or if you’ve ever tinkered around with your system to fix your own problem or know how to (at the very least) search for your problem using Google, you’ll fit right in. You should be familiar and comfortable working with either Mac or Windows– it doesn’t have to be both. Bonus points for being familiar with Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, or any other major editing program. If you are not familiar with any of those programs but excel in all other categories, don’t let this keep you from applying.
• Customer service skills: This job at its core is customer service. A wide variety of customers will be speaking with you, and knowing how to control your tone will help you get this job done thoroughly and efficiently. It can be stressful at times, but you’ll need to have the ability to avoid letting that leak into your interactions.
• A decent typing speed: There is a lot of typing, with many shortcuts in place to help you reduce the amount of typing you’ll need to do, but since some of your interactions will be through an online chat program, you’ll need to know how to type a bit faster than hunt-and-pecking.

Our offices are located in downtown Portland, next to Pioneer Square Mall. The hours would be 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday. If you are at all interested in this position, follow the instructions below and someone will contact you if you qualify as a potential candidate. This is an entry-level position. You do not need to have experience prior to working here, but it will certainly help.

To apply:

• Attach your resume with your application. Label it with your last name and first name, no spaces followed by “-Resume”. For example: DoeJohn-Resume.pdf
• Write a paragraph or two just introducing yourself and why you think this job fits what you’re looking for.
• Let us know which browser you use and why (it’s OK if you use Safari or Internet Explorer, really… just talk us into why)

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