Red Giant Link - Account Manager

Updated: January 29, 2019

Version: MacOS, Windows

Download Red Giant Link for MacOS

Download Red Giant Link for Windows

What is Red Giant Link?

Link is an application that detects your Red Giant products and their individual version numbers for upgrades and updates when available. Link also checks the license status for your products, and displays any trial you may have. Should you decide to purchase any of your trial products, simply click the Buy button. Use the Universe tab within Link to start your Universe Trial or manage your Universe subscription.


Which products does Link detect?

Link detects your Universe Tools, along with all Red Giant products.

– Trapcode Suite

– Magic Bullet Suite

– Shooter Suite

– Keying Suite (Legacy)

– Effects Suite (Legacy)

Why should I update Red Giant Link?

Updating to the latest versions of Link ensures the best possible experience for using your products, as updates contain new features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.


Why does Link need Admin privileges?

The reason is similar to why admin privileges are needed whenever you install software: Link checks the system files that store your serial numbers so it knows what version you own and whether it is licensed or not.


Why does Link display “TRIAL” for products I own?

If Link displays TRIAL for a product you have purchased, Please submit an error report via the Help menu within Link or Contact Customer Support.