Effects Suite 11

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics tools

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Effects Suite - VFX tools
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Lens Flares & Glows

Effects Suite includes Knoll Light Factory, a powerful plugin for building 3D camera-aware lens flares. Created by Industrial Light & Magic’s John Knoll, and packed with over a hundred lens flare presets to get you started, every shot can look like hollywood magic.

Knoll Light Factory - Lens Flares from ILM's John Knoll

Visual Effects

Effects Suite gives you the ability to generate stunning visual effects. Create realistic CGI water, stylized fire, unique glows and much more. With the addition of compositing tools for cleaning up a key, as well as plugins for adding shadows and reflections to your elements, you're ready to take on your next VFX shot.

Psunami - Realist Water Plugin

Video Stylization

Give your video the look of holographic projections, computer screens and old TV. Or add a stylized cartoon, comic, or painted look to your footage.

Effects Suite - Holomatrix - Plugin for Hologram Effects

Text & Motion Graphics

Save a ton of time when working with text and motion graphics. Easily move text in grids, lines, spirals or other paths, and create animated backgrounds and patterns from different shapes and lines. Arrange layers in 3D space in different geometric shapes, grids and arrays.

Text Anarchy - Particle Effects


Effects Suite is made up of several different tools that each have their own compatibility info. Every tool runs on Mac and Windows. Learn more about each product's compatibility below.


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Effects Suite Tutorials


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Effects Suite User Guide

User Guide

This user guide has been designed to help you get comfortable with all of the tools and features of Effects Suite.

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Effects Suite Support


Browse our FAQ section for Effects Suite to find quick answers to the most common questions.

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