Magic Bullet Looks 4


GPU Acceleration

Color grade faster than ever before. Magic Bullet Looks runs on your graphics card’s GPU - giving you the color grading power you’ve come to expect in Magic Bullet Looks - but much faster. With OpenCL and Cuda support, Looks works with the Mercury Playback engine in Premiere Pro, giving you real time video playback.

OpenGL and OpenCL (New)
Magic Bullet Looks Presets (New)

Looks Presets

The Looks Library has been updated with 51 new, fully-customizable presets, designed to match the latest Hollywood films and TV shows. You can also create your own presets (or alter existing ones) and save them to the Looks Preset Library.

Tool Presets

New to Looks 4 are Tool Presets, making it easier than ever to try out different variations in settings with our most popular tools. Users can also now save presets directly within each Tool.

Tool Presets (New)
My Footage Is (New)

My Footage Is...

Start off every color grade on the right foot. The new Source tool sits at the front of the toolchain so that you can tell it what type of footage you are working with, including Log, sLog2, Flat, Standard Video and more.

Renoiser Tool

Removing video noise can leave your footage looking overly processed and smooth. The Renoiser tool reintroduces subtle video noise to denoised footage, but can also be used to give any footage an obvious 35mm, 16mm, or Super 8 film grain. Also includes sharpening to bring back the detail lost in the denoising process. Includes 16 built-in, fully-customizable presets for enhancing both color and black and white footage.

Renoiser Tool (New)
Mojo II Tool (New)

Mojo II Tool

Based on the incredibly popular plug-in of the same name, Mojo gives your footage the sophisticated color grade of a Hollywood movie, with film-like contrast and a unified, complementary color palette. Now with more control and 14 powerful presets.

Reference Library

Magic Bullet Looks now includes the ability to work with reference stills to inform color correction decisions. Take snapshots to compare corrections between different clips or projects - or Load stills from other sources.

Reference Library (New)
Universal Strength Slider

Universal Strength Slider

Need to dial down your Look a bit? Magic Bullet Looks now includes a universal Strength slider both inside the Magic Bullet Looks interface and outside, in your application’s UI.

Looks Favorites

New to this version of Magic Bullet Looks is the ability to easily favorite a Looks Preset. Your Favorites folder is located at the top of the Looks Presets folders, giving you immediate access to the presets you use most.

Looks Favorites
Resizing Scopes

Resizing Scopes

New in this version of Magic Bullet Looks is the ability to both resize scopes and to zoom into the Hue/Saturation scope to see more detail.

Save Looks Workflow

The latest version of Looks includes an update to the process for saving Looks presets, giving you the ability to create and choose folders in which to save your presets.

Save Looks Workflow


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