Trapcode Mir 2.2

Trapcode Mir - Environment Maps

Materials and Textures (NEW)

Create photoreal motion graphics with textures and included reflection/environment maps. Mir includes 8 HDRI maps for use in your work.

Depth Of Field (NEW)

Create camera-realistic blurs for your Mir surfaces, based on their distance from the After Effects 3D camera. The new Depth of Field effect makes it easy to integrate Mir into your live action shots and motion graphics.

Trapcode Mir - Depth of Field
Trapcode Mir - Surfaces, Polygons, or Vertices

Surfaces, Polygons, or Vertices

Mir can display surfaces with shading, as vector-style polygons or as vertex points. New in Mir 2, you can choose between triangles or quads.

Spiral (NEW)

Mir 2 adds the ability to spiralize the mesh, deforming the surface with spiral rotation.

Trapcode Mir - Spiral
Trapcode Mir - Seamless Looping

Seamless Looping (NEW)

Trapcode Mir 2 now includes the ability to create seamless, looping fractal-based backgrounds.

Quads and Triangles (NEW)

Choose between quad or triangle-based polygons for your surfaces.

Trapcode Mir - Quads and Triangles
Trapcode Mir - Second-Pass Wireframe

Second-Pass Wireframe (NEW)

Add a second-pass wireframe on top of your Mir surface. Great for creating grid overlays on terrains and more.

Texture Filtering (NEW)

Mir 2 offers three modes for texture sampling. Choose “Nearest” for an unfiltered rendering of the texture. Choose “Linear” to smooth gradients and prevent anti-aliasing. Or choose “Solid Face” to make each polygon get a single color - great for use on low-poly retro looks.

Trapcode Mir - Texture Filtering (NEW)
Trapcode Mir - Z-Range

Z-Range (NEW)

Take control of the displacement by setting minimums and maximums. Great for creating plateaus and craters on your surfaces.

Fractals (NEW)

Choose from regular, Multi, SmoothRidge, Multi SmoothRidge for varying displacements of the mesh.

Trapcode Mir - Fractals (NEW)
Trapcode Mir - Presets


Includes 43 fully-customizable presets to get you started in your motion graphics work.


Mir runs on OpenGL, giving you incredibly fast feedback and rendering. Mir 2.0 delivers up to 3x speed boost compared to version 1.



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