Finisher makes it easy to dramatically improve the image quality of your footage.

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Universe Finisher plugin | Quickly and easily recover detail

Quickly and easily recover detail

Simply adjust the Detail slider control to recover detail while inside your host app. Unlike sharpness filters, Finisher’s detail recovery is applied to multiple luma layers simultaneously uncovering subtle nuances that are buried in the original image.

Recover shadows and latitude

Finisher can recover a surprising amount of apparent latitude without introducing noise. Finisher’s unique Enhanced Contrast control expands apparent latitude via an additive process. Although this is a complex effect, it is very easy to use – simply adjust the Enhanced Contrast slider.

Universe Finisher plugin | Recover shadows and latitude
Universe Finisher - Presets


Inspired by social media apps, film looks, and popular photo filters, finisher now includes 16 stylish color filters to enhance your imagery.