Hacker Text

Easily create computer hacker-style scrambled text animations. Simulate encrypting or decrypting text with many options for randomization and look. Watch Tutorial

Red Giant Universe - Hacker Text - Encrypt and Decrypt


Animate encrypting and decrypting text between your source text and target text, choosing options to add random characters in the mix. You can animate the process manually, or use the new automatic animation tools.

Controlled Chaos

Control the speed of random character changes, add customizable random characters, or set limits on what types of random characters can be used in your text hacking effect. New in Hacker Text is the ability to add customizable random characters into your animation.

Universe Hacker Text - Controlled Chaos
Red Giant Universe - Hacker Text - After Effects

Screen Effects

Add scanlines and glow to simulate the look of text on a computer screen or display panel. Great for compositing your text into a live-action shot, or for creating a stylized look for motion graphics.


Hacker Text includes fully-customizable presets that help you build your hacking animations quickly.

Hacker Text Presets