Holomatrix II

Universe Holomatrix II gives your text, footage, HUD elements and logos the look and distortion of a sci-fi hologram digital display, and more. A major upgrade from the original Effects Suite Holomatrix, this version is built for speed and is full of new features.

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New Features

Red Giant Universe Holomatrix II

Transmissions from a galaxy far, far away

Recreate the holographic looks you loved in sci-fi productions like Star Wars and Star Trek, or give your footage the look of screens and digital displays. Great for logo treatments and other motion graphic elements.


Holomatrix II is equally at home applying distortion magic to text and logos. The built-in animation presets work great on titles—just type and apply. The result is a great title treatment in a snap.

Universe Holomatrix plugin | Great for titles
Universe Holomatrix plugin | Bad Reception

Bad Reception

Video isn’t always pretty—kick it old school by giving your footage a “bad TV” look. With tons of presets to choose from that realistically mimic the distortions found in old analog TVs, LCD displays, night vision goggles, and security cameras, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.