Create an animated straight or curved line between two points, with elements that move along that path. Useful for flight path simulations, drawing paths on maps, and a variety of other motion graphics projects. Watch Tutorial

Universe Lines - Create


The Line tool can create one of 4 different kinds of lines: A straight or curved line between 2 points, as well as a 3-point and 4-point bezier curve. The line shape can be tweaked for more or less curve.


Choose elements for the start and end point, and a primary shape to animate along the path – all with control for color and opacity. Add dashes to your line, and control the size and distance. Add a customizable secondary line and shape for a more complex look. NEW: Add text at your start and end point.

Universe Line - Presets
Universe Line Plugin Animate


Set your line to automatically draw on screen over a set time, or animate the transition on manually. Independently animate your primary and secondary shape along the line’s path. Add customizable blinking to help draw attention to your line.