Generate different types of animated progress bars and charts for motion graphics, heads up displays, infographics, and more. Watch Tutorial

Progresso - Create


Choose from one of 4 chart types: linear bars, arcs, pie charts, and linear sequences. Easily change your chart types while retaining values and animation.


Progresso includes tons of options and control. Choose from different color pallets or design your own. Customize the chart styles, text, numbers, segments, markers, and much more. You can even dial it up to 11 by choosing the start and end values for the chart/progress bar.

Progresso - Customize
Progresso - Animate


Progress bars gotta progress, amiright? Easily animate the progress bar from start to finish. Two keyframes gets the job done, but you can also use expressions (After Effects only) for a randomized or fluctuating progression – great for heads up displays or dashboards.


Progresso includes 39 fully-customizable presets that help you get your progress bars and charts formatted quickly.

Red Giant Universe - Progresso - Presets