Retrograde is a set of tools for creating the truly realistic look and damage of old 16MM and 8MM film.

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Made with Kodak film scans

Made from real film by creating laser scans of old, commonly used film stocks. Using this method we were able to capture the actual grain patterns, color profiles, and exposure flaws in old Kodak and Fuji film stocks.

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Twelve Film Stock Emulations Retrograde includes six types of 8mm film stock and six types of 16mm film stock. Move back in time from the brown, contrasty look of the early 1970?s or the grainy green of 1950?s educational films.

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Retrograde - Customizable

Completely Customizable

It’s in the details! Tweak the grain, amount of hair and blotches on the film, to the style and size of the vignette. With Retrograde you can dial in the precise mood of the era you are aiming to capture.