ShrinkRay is a fast and easy way to make big things look tiny by simulating a tilt shift effect.

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Universe CrumplePop ShinkRay | Quickly and easily add tilt shift effect

Quickly and easily add tilt shift effect

ShrinkRay simulates an optical effect that can normally only be achieved using a tilt shift lens. Using ShrinkRay, you can create an extremely shallow depth of field on wide shots, making very large subjects look tiny. This works best on wide, dramatic shots: crowds, vehicles, and buildings.

On screen blur and focus controls

ShrinkRay features precise on screen control over blur magnitude, orientation, and falloff. Three Focus/Blur Patch tools quickly clean up the frame and create photorealistic focus areas. Each patch tool lets you choose which areas of the screen you want blurred and in focus.

Universe CrumplePop ShinkRay | On screen blur and focus controls
Universe CrumplePop ShinkRay | Powerful mask view

Powerful mask view

ShrinkRay offers a mask view to quickly see which areas of your frame are blurred and in focus. Switch on mask view to get the exact amount of blur needed. You can quickly and easily reposition and adjust your focus area, instead of guessing exactly where your focus area begins and ends.