Text Tile

Generate multiple columns full of random data for use in motion graphics and computer terminal effects. Displayed information can be static or animated. Watch Tutorial

Red Giant Universe - Text Tile - Database Complexity

Complexity Made Simple

Whether you are trying to simulate a database search or real-time animated, scrolling data feedback, Text Tile makes it easy to set up complex table-based user interfaces in just a few minutes.


Text Tile is full of deeply configurable options for populating columns with data. Set limits on where and what kind of data and number ranges are shown. Create your own column headers, and animate the data for a more dynamic look.

Red Giant Universe - Text Tile - Customize
Red Giant Universe - Text Tile - Randomize


Use your own data, or use procedurally generated randomized characters, names, locations, timestamps, phone numbers, IP addresses and more. Randomly add entries to indicate errors or redacted information.


Text Tile comes with fully customizable time-saving table presets from which you can build your effect. Scroll, sort and format at will. Add highlights, gaps, scanlines, and even errors to bring it to life.

Text Tile Presets