Quickly give your footage a Walking Dead-style grungy textured treatment. Texturize’s seamlessly tiling textures make it easy to animate and bring life (or death) to your video or still imagery.

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Universe Texturize | Texture Options

Texture Options

Texturize has 18 different grunge textures to get you started. Each textures tiles seamlessly, so you can scale them up or down, or offset their position. You can also tint the color of the grunge, and apply it with different blending modes for even more variety.

Stack and Animate

Apply more than one instance of Texturize to a layer and animate their scale and position, over time. Giving each instance of the effect slight differences to their transformation properties is a fast and easy way to create the feeling of depth and motion.

Universe Texturize | Stack and Animate
Universe Texturize | Masking


Use the mask tools to control how much, and where, grunge touches your footage. Do you want it just at the edges of your comp, or do you want the grunge to overtake most of the screen? Texturize gives you a lot of control, but makes it easy.