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Universe Typographic - Presets Lower Thirds

Instant Mograph

Typographic makes it fast and easy to build complex motion graphics and text animations that look great.

Design Once, Use Everywhere

Thanks to Universe’s flexible preset format, you can create Typographic animations that can be used across all of the applications that Universe supports. For example, you can use Typographic to design a text animation in After Effects, save it as a preset and then use it in AVID Media Composer or Premiere Pro.

Universe Typographic - Save Presets
Universe Typographic - Social

Perfect for Social Media

Typographic excels at generating the kinds of engaging text/title animations that are perfect for YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Intuitive & Easy

With flexible options to control your animation, text, shapes, and backgrounds, Typographic strikes the perfect balance between creative control and intuitiveness.

Universe Typographic - Intuitive
Universe Typographic - Shape Library

Shape Library

Typographic features a built-in shape library packed with 79 primitive shapes, icons, brush stroke and watercolor textures. You can also use your own custom layers as elements for your Typographic animations.


Get started with 60 stunning presets for instantly creating lower thirds, banners, and titles for use in broadcast motion graphics, social media stories, streaming videos, and ad campaigns.

Typographic - Presets