A toolset created to solve your Post-Production challenges that normally require extensive workarounds and time better spent being creative.

Universe Utilities Plugin
Universe UnMult

Universe UnMult

Create an alpha channel for any image or video shot on a black background. This tool is extremely useful for compositing footage of fire, smoke, water and more.

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Color and Gamma Conversion

Converts RGB to a different color space. Choose from RGB to YUV, YUV to RGB, RGB to HSL, HSL to RGB, RGB to Lightness, sRGB to Linear, Linear to sRGB, Video Gamma(2.2) to Linear, and Linear to Video Gamma(2.2).

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Universe Color and Gamma Conversion plugin
Universe Compare Frames plugin

Compare Frames

A utility plug-in that splits the screen into two layers of footage placing them side by side. Controls include various blend modes for each layer and feathering the dividing boundary for a softer edge. Also includes blending mode options and the ability to swap the views for better comparison.

Fill Alpha

A simple utility effect that floods an alpha channel with a color, with variable blending with the original. While other host-apps may have a similar effect, this one includes a unique, highly-requested blending parameter.

Universe Fill Alpha plugin