Legacy Installers

Digital Anarchy 3D Assistants

Digital Anarchy Anarchy Toolbox

Digital Anarchy Data Animator

Digital Anarchy Geomancy

Digital Anarchy Psunami Water

Digital Anarchy Resizer

Digital Anarchy Text Anarchy

Digital Anarchy ToonIt!


Download for Mac and Windows
After Effects 6.5 only

Knoll 3D Flare

Magic Bullet Colorista

Magic Bullet Colorista Free

Magic Bullet Colorista III

Magic Bullet Cosmo

Magic Bullet Denoiser II

Magic Bullet Instant HD Advanced

Magic Bullet Quick Looks

Magic Bullet Quick Looks Free

Magic Bullet Suite Render

Primatte Keyer Editors

Download Help

1. Decompression/Extraction software
All files are available using Zip compression in .zip format. Ensure you have decompression software installed on your system so you are able to unzip the downloaded package. Most operating systems come with a built-in utility, you may also choose from the many free programs that are available.
2. Hard-wire your Internet connection
If you are wirelessly connected to the Internet, turn off your wireless and hard-wire your computer.
3. Browser troubleshooting
(1) Clear your Internet cache and cookies, (2) switch to a different browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and (3) download again.
4. Proxy problems
If you are behind a proxy, you will likely experience problems. Please download using a different Internet connection.
5. Use a download manager
A commonly experienced problem is getting disconnected and reconnected within a short time period, such as a second. This may not be normally noticed, but during a long download this may prevent the file from downloading correctly. A download manager will help pick up where you left off once you are reconnected.