• Daniel Hashimoto
  • August 8, 2019
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Cheap Tricks #8 | Game of Thrones VFX – Part 1

In the next few episodes of Cheap Tricks, Hashi a.k.a. Action Movie Kid will show you how to recreate many of the effects seen on the show using the VFX Suite and a ton of great tools and techniques. In this first episode, we’ll focus on 2 shots revolving around fire magic.

We’re also using a bunch of elements from ActionVFX – a huge set of stock VFX elements we use in house, at Red Giant.

More info HERE.

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  1. Amazing video tutorials, and extremely easy to watch and learn. I had a question? I have been searching for a video or hoping the next video will be on the crawling skeleton with the back smoke, shown in the intro before the logo. Do you have an example or tutorial on how this was created? I am looking to recreate it for a short project that I have been working on. I am also trying to find out how to make the skeleton fade and turn everything into a layer of black smoke, something similar to the blade vampire death. WIll keep watching, I love it.

  2. sry but i cant found the footages u provice nice tutorial thanx redgiant