Episode 107 - Create a Waving Flag
  • Harry Frank
  • February 2, 2016
  • 14

After Effects

Episode 107 – Create a Waving Flag

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  1. Excelente tutorial, muchas gracias!!.

  2. Hi I have made all tutorial and have find that final texture have some strips. I do not know how to figure it out. Can You kindly advise where possible I could make mistake?
    Thank You in advise

    1. Albert,
      I’ll send your comment to our support team and they will be able to reach out to help achieve this look.
      Thank you for your patience.


  3. Thank You and waiting for Your reply

  4. Hi Kaylinn,
    I must be running into the same problem and cannot seem to get Mir to perform.
    I would love to know which parameters are involved to make this look right.


    Thanks a lot,

    1. Vincent,
      I’m sorry that you are having troubles. Please send this information to support@redgiant.com and our team would be happy to look into this.
      Thank you!


  5. muy bien.. Perfecto tutorial

  6. Hello Mr. Harry Frank,
    First, I have to say that I thought the tutorial on Create a Waving Flag was fantastic. Also, I’m using after effects 7 ( I love version 7 lol!) can you provide a version 7 project file? swiif@yahoo.com


    1. Marc,

      Since Mir is not compatible with After Effects 7, we are unfortunately unable to provide a project file for you. Sorry about that!


  7. Hello
    First thank you so much for this tutorial! I absolutely loved working with this tutorial. I do have one question, I am using after effects version 2017 and when I go to apply my blur to the amplitude layer I only have a choice of a fast box blur. Which leaves my final file with a box effect on my flag. Is there another type of blur I can use or is there away to fix this in the fast blur?

    Thank You

    1. Alex,

      I’m sure what is happening with the blur layer so I have sent you comment to our support team who will be able to help.
      We will reach out to you shortly!


  8. Awesome tutorial Harry. Thanks much for the project files!

  9. Exelente video gracias


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