QuickTip #119: Creating the
  • Seth Worley
  • August 4, 2016
  • 11

After Effects

QuickTip #119 Creating the “Upside Down” Look (Stranger Things)

Seth Worley walks you through turning a real-world environment into the Upside Down, from Netflix’s Stranger things. Get Seth’s Stranger Danger title sequence files at http://redgiant.com/strangerdanger.

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  1. is there a chance to have this project?>?.

  2. @Seth Worley: When will be released the project file and the tutorial?

    Thanks in advance. Greetings.

    1. Thank you for reaching out. I’ll send this comment to Seth and hopefully we will be able to release this in the future.
      Thank you for your patience!


  3. Hi Seth Worley your tutorial has inspire me lot for my current short film , But I still struggle at image transparency Problem, Can you teach me at this point?

    1. Hank,

      Seth is at NAB right now but I have sent your comment to our support team who will be able to assist.
      Our team will reach out to you shortly.


  4. Thank you very much.

  5. Hey man, can I have this project ?

  6. Hello Seth,

    Looks amazing! Can you point me in the direction of the vine texture or tell me if you’ll be releasing the project files? Thanks!


    1. Zac,

      I do not believe we are planning on releasing any project files but our support team would be happy to help with the vine texture. Please contact us at red giant.com/support
      There is an option to chat or email our team towards the bottom of the page.
      I hope this helps!


  7. Hello can you send the project file please ?

    1. The sequence files can be found at http://redgiant.com/strangerdanger.