Universe 2.2

Over 76 GPU-accelerated effects and transitions for editors and motion graphics artists.

ToonIt Studio

Add cartoon, painterly and pencil sketch effects to your footage. A major upgrade from the original Effects Suite ToonIt, this version is built for speed and is full of new features and effects. Powered by Toonamation. 


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Universe ToonIt Cartoon

Cartoons, Comics and More

Create stylized rotoscoped effects on your video footage. Use the Blur and Outline controls to create the look you want, then use the Duotone and Halftone options to get more “Comic” looks. Additional time controls give your video the feel of a drawn, stepped animation.

Paint, Sketch and Retouch

Turn your video to a moving work of art with tools that render your imagery with outlines, paint strokes, sketch and thermal effects and more. Retouch your image for a smoother look, and use presets to get results fast.

Universe ToonIt Paint
Universe ToonIt Transition

Universe ToonIt Transition

A preset-driven Transition plugin that transforms your layers between stylized cartoon and painterly effects. Watch Tutorial