Universe 2.1

Over 65 GPU-accelerated effects and transitions for editors and motion graphics artists.

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Luster - Chrome 80's Text Plugin

What’s New in Universe 2.1

The Universe 2.1 release introduces 6 completely new text-related effects, as well as updates to both Line and Holomatrix II.

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Create haunting, evolving titles with this glowing fractal-based effect, inspired by Ghostbusters and Stranger Things. Learn More


Give your text a slick 1980’s retro look. Luster applies a metal sheen to text layers, and includes a refraction-based bevel for a glassy simulated 3D look. Learn More

AV Club

Mimic the lo-fi, noisy text you find on your ancient video tapes, old infomercials and local access cable channel shows. AV Club pairs nicely with Universe’s VHS effect for a classic low-budget look. Learn More

AV Club | A.V. Club
Title Motion

Title Motion

Create text and shapes and then instantly add dynamic animations that bring them on and off screen. Great for titles, lower thirds, callouts and more. Learn More

Long Shadow

Apply a colored, long shadow to text, logo or a shape, for both classic and modern motion design.

Universe Glo Fi II from Red Giant

Glo Fi II

Give text an ethereal moody look by instantly adding silky smooth, self-animating, fractal-based glow effects to titles. A simple UI makes it easy to apply evolving, organic glows.

Holomatrix II

This update includes blurred, chromatic distortions, a new strobe effect and much more. Learn More

Red Giant Universe - Holomatrix II
Line from Red Giant Universe


This update adds the ability to add text at the start and endpoint of a line. Learn More