Trapcode 3D Stroke

Very Thin Lines

In order to make very thin lines using 3D Stroke, some tweaking may be required to make them look really good. Naturally, the Thickness control should be set to a low value (like 0.5), but then the strokes may appear aliased (jagged) when doing this, so here's a method to get around it:

First, set Feather to 100, then increase Adjust Step under Advanced, and finally, lower the Internal Opacity.

This should produce very nice thin lines.

The apparent downside is that if the camera moves in close to these lines, they may not look as good. The examples below show the difference (magnified by 200%) of the default .5-pixel lines and adjusted settings that yield nicer-looking output.

Standard Thin Lines (Thickness = .5, Feather = 0, Adjust Step = 100, Internal Opacity =100)

Adjusted Thin Lines (Thickness = .5, Feather = 100, Adjust Step = 175, Internal Opacity =92)

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