Trapcode Echospace



  • Setup twirls down controls that need to be adjusted prior to using the rest of the parameters:
    • Instances determines how many instances (duplicates) to create as new layers. This has to be set before clicking Repeat
    • Layer Delay [sec] controls how long of a delay there is between each new layer's creation. This also has to be set prior to clicking Repeat
    • Instance Visibility determines whether all instances are automatically visible or hidden. When it's On (default), all new instances are visible. When off, all layers can be toggled on/off independently. You can change this setting at any time.


    • Repeat will perform the duplication per your settings above when clicked, creating all of new layers in the timeline. All new layers have the "shy" switch set so you can easily hide them by clicking the "hide shy" switch.

      You will also see nulls created, one for each instance followed lastly a main null created at the bottom. The main null acts as a symmetry center for rotations and can also be used to position, rotate and scale the entire structure (original and all instances).
    • Clean removes all instance layers and nulls. Note that you must hit this before removing the Echospace effect itself or before removing the layer Echospace is applied to; if you don't first Clear, you'll get numerous expression errors complaining that the layer/effect is not there anymore.
    • Stop will end either the Clean or Repeat operations during their performance.
  • Repeater twirls down controls that dictate rotations and positions for each the duplicates after they've been created:
    • XY, and Offset determines how much the X, Y and Z position is increased (or decreased) for each instance.
    • X, Y, and Z Rotate determines how much the X, Y and Z rotation is increased (or decreased) for each instance. Notice that this rotation is around the Main Null (created when you hit "Repeat").
    • Scale determines how much the scale increased (or decreased) for each instance.
    • Opacity determines how much the opacity increased (or decreased) for each instance.
    • X, Y, and Z Offset Random controls random spacing between the instances on the X, Y and Z axis. Useful when you want to just spread out the layers randomly in space
  • Delay contains controls for the two delays within Echospace:
    • Repeater Delay adjusts the animation delay for the parameters in the "Repeater" group above.
    • Transform Delay allows for an animation delay for the Transform parameters on the original layer. This is useful for creating time-rippling animations, where first the original layer moves (or rotates etc) and then the instances follow after a certain time.
      Here is an example: