Trapcode Echospace


  • Start Adobe After Effects
  • Create a New Composition
  • Create a Text or Shape layer
  • Switch the Layer Type to 3D
  • Apply Trapcode Echospace to the layer from under Trapcode > Echospace in your Effects menu.
  • Within the Effect Controls window, select Setup, followed by Repeat.

Now you can start playing with the parameters in the "Repeater" section.

General Functionality

Trapcode Echospace is a 3D layer repeater. It can be applied to any kind of layer (movies, text, images, precomps). When hitting "Repeat" the plug-in creates new instances (duplicates) of the original layer. The layers created are normal AE layers so they will cast shadows and intersect as usual.

All instances have expressions that link their parameters back to the Echospace effect parameters.