Trapcode Form

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following are a list of keyboard shortcuts available to use with Trapcode Form:

  • D opens the Designer; note this will only work when the Plugin panel is highlighted.

    Once you're in the Designer, these shortcuts become available:
    • B opens/closes the Blocks pane.
    • P opens/closes the Preset pane.
    • Opt/Alt + Clicking on Comp Reset button previews with the AE camera reset to its default settings.
    • With the Camera tool highlighted, C cycles through the camera tool options (orbit, pan, zoom)
    • Holding Shift while orbiting the camera constrains it to either an X or Y axis.
    • Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + H hides and shows overlay.
    • Opt/Alt + Clicking a block puts the default parameters in place.
    • Shift+Opt/Alt click the System Preview icon to show all hidden systems.
    • Opt/Alt click the System Preview icon to solo a system.
    • S solos/unsolos the currently selected system.
    • H hides/shows the currently selected system.
    • Delete removes the currently selected system or block (note neither the Master System nor its blocks can be deleted).
    • Opt/Alt + Clicking a single form preset adds a new system with the preset applied.
    • Opt/Alt + Shift + Clicking a multiple form preset replaces all Systems with a single preset.
    • Opt/Alt + Scrubbing a parameter's number scrubs by tenths.
    • Escape exits the Designer, returning you to After Effects.