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Particle Group > Streaklet Group

Streaklet is a long exposure, light painting effect that is controlled by the Streaklet group. The base particle type is the Streaklet particle, which is a large particle dot surrounded by smaller particle dots. Note that the options in the Streaklet group are only available when Streaklet is chosen from the Particle Type pop-up.

rgsg1 rgsg2

 At left, the Streaklet group. At right, the Streaklet option in Particle Type.

Random Seed: Randomizes where the small particle dots are positioned. Changing the Random Seed value can quickly give a different look for the Streaklet particles. 

streak-seed2sm streak-seed1sm

Left to right, different Random Seed values chosen.

No. Streaks: Sets the number of smaller particle dots around the main dot. High values make more streaks, which give a more detailed look. Lower values make fewer streaks and give a more simplistic look.

streak-num5sm streak-num20sm

Left to right, No Streaks at 5 and 20. 

Streak Size: Controls the size of the main particle dot. Low values create thinner, more separated streaks. High values create thicker, more overlapping streaks. A value of 0 turns off the streak.

streak-size30sm streak-size50sm

Left to right, Streak Size at 30 and 50.

Streaklet presets: Using the Box – Strings base form, some creativity and a little scripting, you can use Streaklets to create interesting light-filled compositions like the ones below. Several presets using the Box - Strings base form and Streaklets can be found in the Lines Presets in the Designer.

streak-preset1 streak-preset2

Some options using Box - Strings as a base form and Streaklet as the Particle Type.