Trapcode Form

Presets in the Designer

In this pane you will find effect presets sorted into categories. Most of the presets in this pane can be considered final effects and ready to use in After Effects. Just click the preset to load the preset, and hit ‘Apply’ to return to After Effects. The Designer is loaded with dozens of Single & Multiple Form Presets designed by Harry Frank that are ready for you to apply and use right away.

Single Form and Multiple Form Presets

At the top of the Presets pane, you’ll see the two tabs of the Presets pane: Single Form Presets and Multiple Form Presets. These allow you to toggle between the presets you are viewing. The Multiple Form Presets tab features dozens of richly complex and professional particle forms that all use Multiple Forms. Note that these presets are organized into categories, and are completely distinct from the Single Form Presets.

You can collapse the categories of presets by clicking on their names, or even Shift+Click any of the names to expand or collapse them altogether.

An alternative way to apply Single Form presets is by Alt/Option+Clicking them to apply them as an additional form beneath your current form chain. With this method you can combine Multiple & Single Form presets! Alt/Opt+Shift+Click to replace all Forms with a Single preset.

For more information on using Multiple Forms, consult the Multiple Forms in the Designer page in this section.

The presets are represented by thumbnails. Selecting a thumbnail will apply the preset, show the effect animating in the Preview pane, and will display the building blocks used to create the effect in the Effect Chain at the bottom of the screen. The name of the preset will display at the bottom left corner of the Designer. 

Saving Presets

If you’d like to save a preset you've created, click the Save button at the bottom of the Designer.

A modal window will open and allow you to name your new effect preset for future use.

Once you have saved your own effect preset, it will appear under a new ‘Custom’ category located at the bottom of the Presets pane, either in the Single or Multiple Forms tab depending on how many Forms you have open.

You can also return to the default settings at any time by clicking the Reset button at the bottom of the Designer.

At this point you are free to start building your own effect using the blocks are by applying another preset. See the Blocks in the Designer and the Effects Chain in the Designer sections for more information on creating effects using blocks.