King Pin Tracker


Fast, accurate planar tracking, right inside of After Effects.

Getting Started

King Pin Tracker has two sets of points: To Pins and From Pins.

  • From Pins define the region that will be warped to the To Pins. The default setting for the From pins are the corners of the layer, but you can move them anywhere you like, as long as they define a convex shape. In this way you can map some smaller region of the layer to the destination region.

  • The To Pins are the landing pad for the From Pins. They also define the region on the Layer to be Tracked that will be tracked.
  • Drag the King Pin Tracker effect onto the layer that will display the output of the effect.
  • Bring a second layer into the composition to serve as the destination for the From Pins.

Why From and To Pins?

Corner pinning is one of the most essential image manipulations in VFX and motion graphics. If you start with a rectangular layer and want to deform it to fit a perspective-distorted object in your shot, it can be quite a simple operation. But often the layer you wish to warp is not rectangular, and often the area you want to map to the perspective rectangle is not the entire layer, but a region within it. By setting up the From Pins, you can track a layer of any size or shape onto any region in your shot.